Weekly update: Talks on Yoga by Dr. Jaydeva (31st December 2013 – 3rd Jan 2014)

Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra

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31st December 2013 – Tuesday – Bhagavad Gita 6.9 – 10
“See the discussion is about the right kind of person , to learn yoga. All the good qualities have to be there. Who regards values in the highest sense for foes and enemies in the same way; for whom saints are no different. So he is sincere to all. See these are all words which are very difficult for us to follow. To consider these kinds of people -enemies and to consider them as friends- is not easy. Or who considers meditation as the most important thing. All the time involved. Living in seclusion, alone, Staying subdued , all the other tendencies, control of the mind, control over desires and possessiveness. See these are the words that describe a person who is really ready, which i don’t think we are, we are not able to be the same to the friend and the enemy. Same way the other divisions , they all are there. They are not constantly engaged in spiritual life. So its worth considering, that these kind of statements have meaning for us, or do we just read it for the sake of reading. See, a man like Madhavdasji, he was a person who Lived. And was observed by yogendraji all the time. He saw that he had no friends, no enemies, all the time even minded, carried on his work… he was a difficult character. We immediately decide on friends and enemies, this in turn affects us. See if we have an enemy-feeling , we are not going to be loving to that person. You see in your day to day life: can you maintain such an attitude in the smallest things? Colleagues In the office sometimes want some things -pen or paper or whatever- and we immediately look at them down, not happy to give. So to maintain that even kind of mind is not easy; extend it to life -situations are there- but we can’t maintain that evenness , to love someone; respect but also hate. So this comes as a question, a question to all of us, whether we can fall into this category of a real good student of yoga. I don’t know what are your answers.”

2nd January 2013 – Thursday- Dvesha
“You see ‘dvesha’ is the feeling of hatred. We don’t like some people but still we have to deal with them. But this feeling keeps on coming. It doesn’t allow our mind to be at peace. That is where yoga comes – to maintain the mind in a peaceful state, always , and concentrate on the job at hand. That unfortunately is not there. Of course we have our own reasons- others are not acting the way we want, we feel some have come up in life without much effort, and all of that. So this has to be removed. Only then the mind is at peace. The intention is a peaceful mind. This is very difficult for us to understand. This dvesha feeling enters very subtly. We can show it in different ways, our physical expressions, putting on clothes of a certain kind- But it is an obstacle in ones development. So in yoga this is called as one of those mistakes that we make constantly and are working against ourselves. I don’t know whether you agree with these kinds of ideas or you feel that some people deserve a strong hand- what are your views.”

3rd January 2013 – Friday – Yoga Sutra 2.31
“So this is a sutra which deals with any individual, anywhere , anytime, you yourself- which has to be followed, not that on certain occasions it was not possible- whatever is the occasion. See we have seen a little about such things like truth, non hurting- that is not restricted to occasions, it is something that has to be carried out all the time. ‘Jati’- the form, the place, the time- none of these are to be considered- these are absolute. They are therefore called as ‘sarvabhang’-great virtues. They don’t compare with our ordinary virtues, don’t speak untruths, but speak it in a court of law. So what are your views on this?”


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