Weekly Update: Talks on Yoga by Dr. Jaydeva (February 10th – February 14th)

Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra
Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra

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10th February 2013 – Monday – Kshipta Citta
“So we are dealing with what is called as ‘kshipta chitta’. Kshipta is distracted, but in case of our mind, it is heavily distracted. They give a simile of a monkey who has got drunk and that would be an impossible situation- very hard to control. So that is the state of our mind, it is not an ordinary mind, it is all the time jumpy, creating problems- we know it. So we are discussing this yoga sutra about such a mind. Imagine how to control it. Any views?”.

11th February 2013 – Tuesday – Bhagavad Gita (6.18 – 19)
“We have two interesting shlokas that talk about a lamp and a flame and a windless place. Now, they had the time to observe and have told us something which can help us in our own growth. See these flames or this flame does not move about, in a windless place it just remains steady for a long time until the oil is there. In the case of the yogi he has no thoughts , no desires and he continues his practice of concentration and meditation. But the movement is not there, it is just a steady flow of brightness. Now this is compared to what happens in a lamp. A lamp has a continuous flow of flame, no movements. Now we have to reach that stage, where there are no movements of the mind, just merely the awareness that continues. It is a difficult proposition, the mind as it is, is given to flowing and here it has stopped. Here that continuity is there, awareness is there, just the awareness. See in our normal life also we find it difficult, we take up a topic , want to think and then some other thoughts come. To hold the mind on that given topic without thoughts is practically impossible. So these are the propositions. Don’t know what you make of it”.

14th February 2013 – Friday – Yoga Sutra 2.37
“You see, these writings are like ‘believe it or not’. Things that are beyond our imagination. If you remain truthful certain results come. Now we do see people who have been truthful whereas we see some results also. This institution is based on this principle. It has never pursued money, never carried out any wrong practice and still many would consider this is a very prosperous Institute… it carries on. When the building was getting inaugurated the mayor of Mumbai -Mirajkar- he asked what is the bank balance you have, ‘when you’ve got such a big project’. The founder honestly told him that there are 87 rs. in the bank. He was shocked. He said “out of 87 rupees, you’re going to build all this?” and founder said ‘let us see’, and gradually the institute did grow; how we wonder. We just pursue the right things and there are people who sympathize and help us with that. So in this kind of writings they call certain belief assurance: that if you follow the right path you will arrive at the destination. This has been the history of the yoga institute now 98 years”.

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