John Kimbrough
Most people will agree that any kind of education is of great use and
should provide them with a sense of joy, unless they are under a lot of
pressure from parents, teachers and themselves to succeed or are
learning about or acquiring a skill regarding something that they really
do not enjoy or that they really do not need.
But for most of us, it is the life that we live outside of the
classroom, school, college, institute, university or vocational training
center that is the most important thing to learn about and understand,
but we never do that.
We see examples of this in our own life, in the lives of those around us
and in the daily news report from all corners of the globe.
The rate of suicides among those who are presently attending
universities is alarmingly high and disturbing as these people are
already well on the path of life, involved with working and having a
Many who have had a fine education and a distinguished career also are
caught up in a cycle of mental and emotional self–abuse and abuse to
others, while some are addicted to drinking and substance and drug use.
Marriages fail or in some cases lead to abuse and even death.
Many times we see these failures in people and lives and attribute it to
their lack of education, meaning their inability or lack of opportunity
to have attended school.
But in life it is not so much the formal education to gain knowledge and
skill tht is important but the ability to live a life based on a
foundation that is skilful and brings balance.
Yoga proclaims itself to be a science and discipline that does bring an
individual this foundation and balance.
Those who teach or have experience in practicing yoga will tell us that
it appeals to them for a number of reasons.
One is that it addresses all areas of one’s life.
Another is that it gives them something to do that is physically
demanding and rewarding at the same time.
Many will say that its practice has given them insight about both
themselves and others that has resulted in very practical benefit, such
as greater self-confidence, understanding and energy.
Yoga does address all areas of one’s life, giving us guidelines about
how and what we think and why, the importance of good habits and healthy
living, and insight about how to speak and act in a way that brings
benefits to both oneself and others.
The postures can be demanding, but many people enjoy this kind of gentle
workout and they sense the rewards in that when they are finished
attending such a class of practicing postures they feel more energetic
and relaxed at the same time.
Many people need to be more mindful about the importance of their habits
as regards sleep, diet and leisure activities and Yoga provides them
with guidelines about doing these things.
It is for these reasons and a host of more subtle ones that those who
are proponents of yoga say that there are great benefits for all people
in being educated about it

Published in the April 2010 edition of Yoga & Total Health Magazine.

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