What is true yoga? Discover the True Essence of Yoga

What is true yoga?

True Essence of Yoga-Part 1

For the uninformed or newly initiated into Yoga- Yoga means asana and twisting the physical body into admirable poses. This is the most common preconceived notion and reason people want to learn or join yoga. This is a part of yoga, but not the true essence. This is not Yoga.

Core principle that lays the foundation of today’s yoga dates back to Sage Patnajali’s Yoga sutra “Sthiram Sukham Asanam” –It means steady, comfortable posture that puts you at ease and you experience bliss in this state. Asana forms the third step of Asthanga or classical yoga that prepares you for the ultimate goal of liberation. Unfortunately, yoga asana is been mistaken as the ultimate goal. Yoga asana helps to balance out the harmony of mind, body and soul. This ensures that you associate with the higher reality slowly and steadily for longer duration. Health and fitness through yoga asana practice is a natural by-product, but not the ultimate goal.

Happiness is an emotion we all identify with. It’s an energy that allows optimal functioning and when you are happy hunger, sleep, etc. does not bother you. Now imagine this blissful state can be bring about so much of energy and relaxation for short while, but yoga is such a tool that can help you to get to peaceful state and sustain it for longer period of time. Yoga works on subtle energy chakras activates them and ensures optimal functioning in a blissful state.

Science says our existence and functioning is nothing, but energy transformation. In fact any matter is just a form of energy which is converted from one form to another form. Plant and trees convert sun energy into flowers and fruits. Similarly, what food we eat, water we drink and air we breath all are used to create energy for our day-to-day functioning.

Energy Cycle -Basic Photosynthesis

Yoga is a tool and in essence teaches us balancing out the energies and harmonizing the mind, body and spirit equation.

Yoga empowers you to gain mastery over your own body functions and energies. Dynamics of yoga enables you to perform things that seem impossible. For example- flight on moon, aircrafts, submarines all seem impossible yet been achieved.

Every human being on earth should make an attempt to explore this possibility and learn yoga. Otherwise mere existence limits life.

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Hope you enjoyed everyday of your life…stay tuned for the next blog…happy reading and learning!

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