12 Reasons Why You Should do Yoga Teachers Training

Yoga Teachers Training is a journey not just about becoming a Yoga instructor or teacher it is an experience of a lifetime. It will undoubtedly impart you useful Yoga skills like alignment and body awareness and how to avoid Yoga related injury, but we have much more to offer. Yoga goes beyond the physical and the course is aimed at all-round development.

Since 1918, the Institute has successfully trained more than 50,000 Yoga teachers who are teaching true Ashtanga or Classical Yoga across the globe.

Top reasons why you should join Yoga Teachers Training course


  • ‘Prevention is better than cure’ you will learn how to avoid injury’s and have deeper understanding through Anatomy and Physiology classes. Each one’s body physiology and anatomy is unique. You will learn details about your own body and how it works.
  • You will learn to take Yoga beyond the physical Asana aspects. You will discover Yoga is a lifestyle and how and why you should live it every day.
  • You will get to read some of the well-preserved ancient and important Yoga texts and scriptures. The beginnings of Yoga and its development by master teachers like Sage Patanjali. The teacher training course helps to understand the true goals and purpose of Yoga.
  • You will learn to figure out how you can be a better human being, friend, parent and family member. Teacher training teaches you finer skills on how to be a good listener and find working solutions to everyday problems.
  • You will learn alternate and gentle ways to heal hearts, minds and bodies. Yoga teacher training is particularly useful for people in health, fitness and wellness therapy domain.
  • You will learn about one of the most important aspects about our everyday living- Food and Sattvic Diets. What foods to eat, how much to eat and when to eat. How they are useful for better and healthy living. You will get to share and learn about the delicious Sattvic recipes served at the dining hall.

yoga teachers training

  • Let go- very important aspect of peaceful living is covered. Important Yoga philosophies and Yoga Sutras how to use in daily life will be taught. The study will help you to learn different ways to tackle and deal with stress and other commonplace ailments.
  • You will associate with individuals from 22 different countries who enroll for Yoga Teachers Training course. Multicultural learning will enrich the learning experience. You will learn to deal with people from various backgrounds and all walks of life. You will learn to talk to different people from various countries with confidence. The experience of Yoga teacher training course and those you meet during your training will always hold a special place and by the end of your course you might find yourself forged with beautiful friendships that lasts a lifetime. From homemakers to students, working professionals, retired individuals, and a large section of the society is now predisposed to learn and achieve more from Yoga, courtesy of increased consciousness about health and spiritual development.
  • You will understand the art and science of Yoga. You get to learn about the deep roots of Yoga and where it originated. Lot of Yoga myths, taboos, misinformation from the internet will be cleared. This is a complete and well-rounded Yoga Teachers Training course that helps to identify the factual Yoga information.
  • You get to learn how to live and maintain a balanced state of mind in everyday living and different trying situations you will encounter in life. You learn how to be kind to yourself and take better care of people close to you. This is good teacher training course that will prepare you for life. Actually a ‘Life school’ that will help you live up to your full potential. You will gain confidence and improve on your strengths. You will be in a position to forge deep understanding about life, relations and its problems and how to tackle them.


  • Communication is the key. Method class of practice teaching will help you to improve the way you communicate and express yourself. Presentation style will develop, and you get to know the more delicate details about translating your thoughts and sentiments into words to be a good Yoga teacher. Different Asanas, Pranayamas, Kriyas and Meditations teaching styles from various and very senior and experienced teachers will improve your knowledge base. The course covers Asanas, Pranayamas, Kriyas, Bhavas, attitude training, counseling, and Yoga Sutra, Public Speaking, Samkhya Philosophy, essential Anatomy and Physiology.
  • This Yoga teacher training course is recognised by Government of India and abroad and is Quality Council India (QCI) certified school.

So if you want to change your life for the better; invest in the future you and join the Yoga teacher training course. Why wait any longer, dare to take a path of self-discovery and develop a well round personality.

Don’t wait any longer; get going and enroll in your Yoga Teachers Training course today!

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  • seema
    Posted at 15:29h, 17 May Reply

    Thank you for the valuable information. I am based in Dubai and I am looking forward to become yoga teacher. I am already a practitioner.

    • Reshma Ranaware
      Posted at 12:39h, 11 July Reply

      Career Opportunity after doing yoga ttc

  • Scarlett
    Posted at 16:45h, 25 November Reply

    For me, yoga teacher training has consolidated years of practice into a more structured mental and physical anthology of learning; it has started to build a new library,

  • Tracie
    Posted at 16:14h, 31 January Reply

    Great blogs with very nice information, we have been looking for this type of information. Thanks a lot for sharing the kind of information.

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