Women of Substance

Women’s Camp: 27th May 2016 (Friday)

In my experience usually women’s camps are full of Woes. Umpteen questions needing remedies for more imaginary ailments than the actual ones. Wanting more information but very little implementation. Why so? What makes women so complacent? Why lacking in self enthusiasm?

As a woman myself I can perhaps say it is the basic nurturing nature of woman, that makes her put herself last and deplete all her energy for anyone other than herself.

This is what Yoga helps in rectifying by conducting ‘women oriented’ camps at our Institute and every time the camp is an exhilarating and reinforcing experience for every woman who attends the camp.

Today also an ex student and now a fully fledged teacher of our Institute Smt Malathi Kedia brought 20 to 30 of her students to attend women’s camp. All in the age group of 40 to 70 yrs.

In the 5 hrs duration of the camp, the Campers were put through a series of morale boosting sessions of attitudinal training, Meditative techniques, back and core strengthening Asanas and glimpses of Institutional Pranayams.

Tips on diet, gynecological issues and Yoga hygiene to combat the same were much appreciated. Many had personal issues like low esteem, attention seeking, and boredom in life, depression due to hormonal flections. Peri. M, Menopause and post menopause issues were also discussed and guided accordingly.

Most importantly, Hansaji spoke to them about making positive choices in life and living by it to improve quality of life.

Overall it was an educative and progressive experience for all the campers.

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