yoga and anger issues

Yoga and Anger Issues

Indian philosophy has always condemned anger because it is the energy which might occur for a fraction of a second but its effect may last longer than one can even imagine. This negative energy resonates throughout the body at a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. Lord Shri Krishna warns that anger creates delusion, loss of memory occurs due to delusion. This loss of memory will lead to the destruction of discriminative nature which will eventually cause the destruction of man. Anger is taken in a very casual manner but it is actually a red alert emotion which should be uprooted. Our brain has a small oval-shaped area called amygdala which senses danger to the body. But these usually react much faster than required. It overpowers the part of the brain responsible for logical thinking.

Anger causes the brain to release some hormones and neurotransmitters which has a long-lasting burst of emotions flowing within the body. You may think that I was angry for a bit but factually you are just being deceived by your body. These hormones make you very vulnerable each time you get angry. You might end up increasing the frequency. All you need to do is make the other part of the brain so strong that before our old friend amygdala comes into action, you are saved and for that, there are certain techniques, kriyas, and methods in Yoga which will come to your rescue.

Have a regular asana practice, for at least 30 min every day. You may not be an expert but basic asanas like Talasana, Sukhasana, Yog mudra, Paschimottanasansa, Utkatasana will help a lot. After that, you may want to perform relaxation asanas like Savasana and Dradhasana. Follow it up with practicing 5 to 10 rounds of Pranayama No. 1 to 4 and 9 (anuloma viloma).

These are some physical activities which balance your emotions by supporting the mind and brain. Some specific and higher practices like pratipaksha bhavana (thinking of counter situation), impermanency of the situation (Anitya bhavana) and meditation with the help of Yogendra Laya have life-altering and long-lasting effects on anger. It will come handy only with the regular and uninterrupted practice of yoga.

The results of performing Yoga are wonderful. You will definitely want to take up yoga as a practice running 24*7 and not just stick to 1 hour of asana and pranayama.

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