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Yoga and Diwali

Glittering lanes and decked up houses, India adorns the avatar of a bride as she lights up for the most-awaited festival of the year, Diwali.

Excitement is in the air, as streets shimmer with lights and people can’t help but smile as they look forward to the grand celebrations. Yes, everyone in India looks forward to Diwali, an annual festival that brings families together as they exchange love, warmth, and joy. But this fiesta of lights is not only about igniting oil lamps in the house, but also about igniting the lamp of knowledge within to ward off the darkness of Avidya (ignorance).

lamp of knowledge

After all, half-knowledge is dangerous. It only pushes us more towards negativity thus affecting our social, economic, physical and mental realms. Also, once we indulge in ‘I’ sense there is no coming back and we end up losing our path to the true self. Hence, believe in Yoga to ignite and reignite the Akhand (unbroken) lamp within us.

Now the main question arises – From where should we begin? 

First thing first, Yoga suggests that all beginners must change their lifestyle slightly. And since Yoga is full of wellness & holistic techniques, let’s start with baby steps!

yoga kriyas

Yoga followers need to keep their bodies clean with a variety of techniques like – Asana, Pranayama, Kriyas and more. Along with this, de-cluttering our mind with meditation helps clear negative thoughts and increase positive energy within. This simple procedure can do wonders to your spiritual and mental health, and set you on the path of going inwards.

This is exactly what Diwali represents. 

We clean every nook and corner of the house eliminating all the waste and dirt to invoke Goddess Laxmi. Likewise, treat your body like a temple and keep it clean not just occasionally like for Diwali but daily. Make your every day, a Yoga day!

diwali sweets

Also, how can we not talk about food when it’s Diwali. We are surrounded by a variety of delicacies, sweets, and snacks during the festivals and naturally, it is difficult to control ourselves. Most of us even end up gaining weight during Diwali! And it’s not the food to blame but our urge to eat even when we are full. This is called Asantosh or lack of contentment. In life, people are dissatisfied because they always want more and they want all. This is because of the Avidya that prevails due to I-sense. Yoga teaches us to take control of our senses and be contented.

So this Diwali onwards, let’s avoid overeating and take the path of contentment instead. Make it a habit to practice it daily to overcome the I-sense or at least take charge of it.

Let’s become a new you with Yoga also, Yoga doesn’t go on break and nor, should you!


Have a Happy, Safe & Peaceful Diwali.

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    Hello, It was a good experience while reading your blogs. Thanks for sharing with us.

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