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Yoga and Irregular Periods

Today, an irregular period is a very common condition faced by many women. Yoga is one of the best preventive and remedial measure that can help with Irregular Periods and symptoms.

A menstrual cycle or PMS (Premenstrual syndrome) cycle is counted from the first date of a period to the next cycle first date. The average PMS cycle is about 28 to 30 days, but it can vary from woman to woman.

Common symptoms of Irregular Periods include:

  • Heavy flow
  • Muscle cramps
  • Abdominal discomfort and cramps
  • Lose motions
  • Emotional lows
  • Irritability

Yoga is a way of life. Diet and regular yoga practice can help ally the symptoms. Yoga poses or postures improve flexibility, stamina, and benefit the digestive and hormonal systems.

Yoga research done at the Institute has shown encouraging results. Yoga helped to reduce menstrual pain, cramps and emotional symptoms like depression, irritability, stress and anxiety, and improve dysmenorrhea.

Yoga holds many health benefits which help you reach or maintain a healthy weight which is a commonly recommended treatment plan for polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). One of the common causes of irregular periods is PCOS.

Practicing yoga regularly for 45 minutes a day and 3 times a week may help regulate hormone and PMS cycles. Ensure you perform yoga practices under the guidance of a trained and experienced yoga teacher. Pranayamas helps to reduce stress & anxiety and relaxation techniques help as well.

Recommended Yoga Asanas are:  

  • Yastikasana
  • Naukasana (Boat Pose)
  • Matsyasna
  • Hastpadangustasana (I, II, III & IV)
  • Pavanmuktasana
  • Pariyankasana
  • Anulom-Vilom pranayama
  • Shavasana

Some useful yogic tips to ease Irregular Periods symptoms are:

  1. Eat on time. Chew your food properly.
  2. Add fresh ginger and cinnamon to your diet regularly.
  3. To ease the cramps and abdominal pain use a hot water bag.
  4. Choose home cooked and fresh sattvik meals. Include citrus fruits in your daily diet.
  5. Avoid refined foods and pre-packaged foods.
  6. Take early morning sunlight.
  7. Take brisk walks for ten minutes daily.

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  • Francine Horran
    Posted at 12:59h, 26 September Reply

    Periods could be really painful for some and kind of worrisome if it’s irregular. Yoga is truly a good remedy for these. It’s as well better just to be sure to consult a doctor, if your periods are often irregular.

  • Aniket Patil
    Posted at 16:33h, 21 July Reply

    Thank you for this informative post. I have used these tips and found them really useful…

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