Yoga and Sweet 60

Recently, the government stated in the Parliament that India would have 34 crore people above 60 years of age by 2050 and that itself would be more than the total population of the US. The ageing population is growing in India and is prone to health conditions that include cancer, diabetes, dementia, obesity, asthma etc. This results into an increase in health care costs tremendously.


Yoga is a preventive measure for many of these serious ailments and can reduce the load of health care economics. One of the incredible benefits of Yoga is that it is a low-impact and inexpensive way to keep fit for seniors and enjoy the sweet golden years of life. Yoga benefits everyone right from age six to golden years of 60+!


My mother just turned sixty-nine, and she looks healthy. I recommended Yoga to her when I started practicing myself. She looks youthful and someone who would be in her forties!


Benefits of Yoga for Sweet 60+ golden years:

  • Yoga helps them maintain their balance
  • Helps to keep joints flexible
  • Bone health is taken care of
  • Maintains muscle mass
  • Reflection techniques keep memory active keeps memory loss at bay
  • Digestive, circulatory, respiratory etc. systems are benefited
  • Hormonal and endocrine systems are benefited
  • Stress and anxiety free golden years
  • Ageing gracefully


Seniors can benefit enormously from Yoga practice, and it gives them a place to quiet their mind and emotions. Group classes are also an excellent option for the mature population, to check out the options we have (please insert senior citizen classes/camp link here.) Also, it gives senior citizens a sense of drive and belonging.


I work with clients in their seventies and even eighties. Some of the ideal poses are Pranayamas and relaxation techniques to help seniors keep their mind, body and soul fit.


Yoga Asanas –

  • Paravatasana or Mountain Pose – Helps with balance, strength and building stamina. It’s a great Asana for senior citizens as it maintains and keeps spine healthy since they start to slouch.

  • Talasana or Palm tree pose – Decompresses the spine and gives an all-round stretch. Improves leg muscle pliability and builds strength.

  • Awkard chair pose- Helps to build leg strength and stamina.

  • Inverted mountain or Downward facing dog- One of the best pose for joint health, flexibility, and overall body strength.

  • Pavanmuktasana- Wind-relieving pose that takes care of the digestion system and helps to get rid of unwanted gaseous built-up.

  • Yogamudra- Gently compresses the spine and abdominal muscles.

  • Suptvakrasana- Relives lower back pain and takes care of the extremities.


Rest and Relaxation-

Shavasana and guided meditation are the best for senior citizens.  Meditative and conscious relaxation Yoga practices rejuvenate the nervous systems and help with restoring peaceful mind, body and soul.

Deep, full breaths flood the body with life force and oxygen, keeping us young at heart, body, mind and spirit. Thus helping us age graciously.


Breath is the life force that keeps us going. Yogendra pranayama I, II, III help. Abdominal breathing and Anulom-Viloma pranayama ensure quality sleep.

So experience the grace of ageing with Yoga and live golden years in a healthy way.

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  • Ravi
    Posted at 18:26h, 22 June Reply

    Great Post. Yes, it is very helpful for seniors age.

    Yoga for seniors over 60 has a variety of positive benefits for mind, body and soul. Yoga for seniors can help to reduce certain chronic health symptoms, can improve balance and flexibility and can also provide a positive form of relief from stress and anxiety.

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