Yoga Asanas to reduce tummy fats

Yoga Asanas To Reduce Tummy Fats

In the past decade, India has seen a surge in obesity. India in 2014 zoomed into the 5th position with 9.8 million obese men (i.e. 3.7% of the global population.)  Amongst women, the ranking has jumped to the 3rd position with around 20 million obese women (i.e. 5.3% of global population). (Source)

Many recent research studies suggest that the belly fat can trigger high blood pressure, bowel cancer and Type-II diabetes. Common reasons for belly fat accumulation are unhealthy routines and skipping breakfast. Yoga asanas for tummy fats is one of the best ways to lose fat. Adopting yogic lifestyle helps to achieve the results faster.

Yoga advocates healthy routines and a balanced sattvic diet. Yoga and sustainable weight loss are closely related.

Quick Yogic Lifestyle and Diet Tips to Lose Belly Fat

  1. Set healthy routines. Get up early. Soak in early sun rays.
  2. Eat healthy sattvic breakfast. Avoid processed and stale foods. Avoid refines sugars and refined flours. Include whole grains, fresh seasonal vegetables and natural sweeteners like honey, jaggery etc.
  3. Be active; gentle Yoga exercise is the best way to lose tummy fat.
  4. Reduce meals portion sizes gradually. Do not overeat. Chew your food properly.
  5. Reduce cups of tea, coffee. Switch to green tea which naturally detoxes and helps to reduce overall fats naturally.

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Recommended Yoga for belly fat reduction

Yoga Asanas

Paschimottanasan or The Posterior Stretch

Paschimottanasan or The Posterior Stretch

The word ‘paschim’ means ‘west’ and is used in the context of posterior of the body. The word ‘uttana’ means stretching. This posture creates deep intra-abdominal compression and massages the abdominal viscera. The abdominal region gets a fresh supply of oxygenated blood and improves the digestive system. Regularly doing this asana helps to reduce the tummy fats.

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Ardhamatsyendrasana or Spinal Half-Twist




It is named after the great old saint Matsyendranath, the Guru of Sage Gorakshanatha (the originator of Hath yoga tradition). The suspension of breath during twisted position improves venous blood flow in the abdominal region. Twisting action in this particular asana helps to reduce the side fats around the abdominal region. Deep and superficial muscles of abdominal region are massaged, and spinal circulation improves.  Very helpful in tummy fats reduction, management of diabetes, colitis and cervical spondylitis.

Pavanmuktasana or The Anti-Flatus Pose

Pavanmuktasana or The Anti-Flatus Pose


It is an excellent asana for releasing gas from the digestive tract. It is best practised in the morning, before any other asanas. This posture gives significant relief to flatulence by quickening the movement and expulsion of the intestinal flatus. This asana causes a favourable improvement in cases of the flabby abdomen. Abdominal fats are dissolved, and functions of the abdominal viscera improve. Offers deep internal pressure massage and tones the abdominal muscles.

Recommended Pranayama Yoga for tummy fat reduction

Pranayama- IV or Diaphragm Breathing

Pranayama- IV or Diaphragm Breathing

Pranayama- IV

This Pranayama exercises the diaphragm. The diaphragm is a musculo-membranous partition, separating the thoracic and abdomen cavities. When relaxed it is convex, but it flattens during inhalation, thereby enlarging the thoracic cavity and allowing for the expansion of the lungs. This Pranayama is done supine, as the position aids optimal movement of the diaphragm. Digestive organs stay active. Reduces fat collected around the stomach.  Improved breathing – vital capacity and tidal volume improve. Sedative effect on the nervous system – relaxes the entire body.

Watch the video for Abdominal Breathing

Bhastrika or Bellows Breath



The Sanskrit word bhastrika means ‘bellows’. Just as the bellows fan the fire; this Pranayama increases the flow of air into the body to generate heat at both the physical and subtle level–stoking the inner fire of mind and body. Double advantage since this pranayama has a favourable effect on the respiratory and digestive system. Helps to reduce belly fats and oxygenates the blood increasing the vitality of all the abdominal organs and tissues. It Strengthens and tones the abdominal region. This pranayama makes you active energizes the entire body and mind.

Recommended Kriya to Reduce Belly Fats

Yogendra Vamandhouti


Stomach wash (gastric auto lavage).  Also, this kriya is also referred to as Kunjala, Gajakarni and Gajakarma by various authorities. It is a simple and safe technique for maintaining proper hygiene of the alimentary canal. Useful Yoga kriya has a favourable effect on the functioning of the kidneys, liver and the intestines. Kriya reduces excess phlegm, bile and gastric juices. This kriya offers relief in case of obesity, diabetes, gas and flatulence and constipation. It is helpful in detoxifying the entire digestive system. Hygienic effects due to massage of the internal organs.

Trim the belly fat with Yoga and improve your holistic health.

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