Yoga Camps for kids

Yoga Camps for kids

The Yoga Institute’s – Yoga camps for kids offers a unique opportunity for every child to experience a happy blooming of their latent potential. Yoga Camps for Kids is a fun way to introduces the concept of Classical Yoga, through games, storytelling and innovative activities. This allows kids to develop and live in optimal health and peace. Yoga for Kids is offered by The Yoga Institute’s trained teachers under the guidance of Dr. Hansaji Yogendra.

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Today there is a growing need felt by parents for guidelines and principles which will help children to lead meaningful lives. “Growing With Yoga” helps to fulfil this need. Children should know about their duties in life. They should know how to act and behave.

Dr. Hansaji, a parent, a yoga teacher and a propagator of yoga lecturing in different countries of the world, has provided insightful findings and knowledge in this book.

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Yoga holds holistic benefits for children of all ages, and it has been found to be particularly useful for children with special needs. Research studies conducted at The Yoga Institute have shown that Ashtanga Yoga benefits kids with asthma, diabetes, autism, Dyslexia, OCD etc. The findings have been published in various books, and it has been proven that the Institute’s Yoga for Kids programmes and camps are helpful in reducing kids’ belligerent behaviour, social withdrawal and improve focus, concentration and calms their minds.

Various Yoga Camps for Kids designed at The Yoga Institute help to address children’s heightened nervousness, poor motor synchronisation and poor self-regulation, some of the common challenges every parent faces with their kids.


Dr. Hansaji believes that introducing yoga to kids at an early age helps build cornerstone values. Classical Yoga includes essential key areas of non-harming, truthfulness, moderation, cleanliness and gratitude. These essentials are important for happiness and build character.

Children encounter numerous challenges on the emotional, mental, social, and physical front. Yoga Camps for Kids empowers them through pranayama (breathing techniques) to improve focus and concentration and calms their nervous system. Most kids are inquisitive and energetic, so Yoga Asanas equip them with coordination, flexibility and discipline.

Kids are taught yoga through exciting games and role-playing. These activities are kids-centric since they not only teach yoga but prepare them for life. Yoga games are taught with bhavas and concepts that are helpful to deal with real life situation and how to react.

Yoga holds multiple benefits for kids of every age –

Boosts Physical Suppleness– Yoga promotes physical flexibility and strength because kids learn the different use muscles in new ways. Different Yoga asanas are taught like forward-bending, twisting, back bending, side bending and inversions. These variations help to exercise all the different muscle groups, and kids become aware of their bodies, how it works and their functions.  Example- Talasana improve the kid’s height, and they really enjoy that asana

Enhances Coordination and balance– Balance is a crucial element and camps include balancing poses that promote mental composure and physical flexibility. Initially, the kids might find it difficult to stand on one foot, but slowly children learn to improve their physical and psychological balance. Suddenly, they find themselves shining brightly with a sense of accomplishment when eventually they learn to balance. Coordination and balance are related, and they promote overall nimbleness. Example- Konasana III and Parvatasana all variations; impart a good lesson in coordination and balance

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Namaste pose with Smt. Hansaji

Cultivates Focus and Concentration– Important kriya of trataka is particularly useful to kids and students of all ages. These days numerous instances of exam related pressures and suicide cases are on the rise. This is a powerful technique that kids and students can practice regularly and improve focus and concentration.  As a result of this kriya, it’s easier to focus and achieve a balanced state. Yoga definitely helps kids to focus and concentrate, and they can get better marks. Healthy body – Healhty mind thus also recommended for kids is Jalaneti. It is a powerful kriya which cleanses the nasal passage and keeps many diseases at bay. A good preventive measure to keep kids healthy and free from coughs, colds and sore throats.

Improves Confidence – Yoga is an experinential science and helps to instil confidence which is a determining factor in developing self-worth. Healthy children are fundamental to the development of any society or country, and they are the future of a nation. Kids who grow up with confidence and self-worth know they belong to this world and healthy confident minds can contribute better to any society or community. Yoga inculcates Dharma Bhava with enables them to do their duties towards self, parents, society and country in a holistic way.

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