Yoga care during Monsoon

Yogic kitchen tips during Monsoon

Hot summer days are over. Some respite from May heat. A welcome change Monsoon is here! It’s a time to enjoy Mother Nature’s natural pristine beauty and bounty. Lush green fields, joyful mountains, happy flowing rivers just calms the mind and soothes the soul.

Children playing in the rains, families enjoying get-together and relishing “hot pakoras” or “bhajiyas” such scenarios are common. Also, common are water-borne diseases, respiratory allergies, fever, flu, cold, upset stomach etc.

Inculcating healthy daily diet routines and yoga practices help to strengthen the immune system can keep Monsoon related health hazards at bay.

Yogi Diet recipe and tips


  • Drink plenty of water. Water should be at room temperature. A little warm water is a good idea on heavy rainy days.
  • Thoroughly wash green vegetables. Include sprouts, beans, and bitter foods like bitter gourd, fenugreek in daily meals.
  • Indian Gooseberry or Amla boosts your immune system and detoxifies liver so include that in your daily meals.
  • Eat at regular intervals.


  • Reduce gastrointestinal tract infections by avoiding street food and junk food.
  • Heavy meals, spicy and salty foods should be avoided.
  • Deep fried snacks like “Bhajyas,” “pakoras” should be consumed hot and in moderation (preferably home cooked). Follow it up by drinking a glass of warm water.

Yogic Kitchen Recipe

Try out refreshing Tulsi Ginger Green Tea especially in-between meals. This yogic recipe is quick and easy and will help in digestion and strengthens the immune system as well.


– 2 cup of water, Boil the water

– 1 tablespoons green tea leaves or use a green tea bag.

– ¼ inch ginger washed and grated.

– 4-5 Tulsi (Holy Basil) leaves (Rinsed with water)

– ¼ tablespoon honey (optional)

– Pinch of salt to taste (optional)


Boil 2 cups of water. Add green tea leaves or use green tea bags. Add grated ginger and tulsi leaves (Holy Basil). Steam for 2 minutes. Remove from heat. Set is aside for few minutes (2 minutes.) Add honey and pinch of salt. Serve immediately.

Benefits of Tulsi Ginger Green Tea

  • A yogic medicinal drink. It is rich in antioxidants and naturally detoxes the system.
  • Reduce the free radicals (free radicals are responsible for premature wrinkles and aging and all sorts of diseases)
  • Aids digestion and provides relief from flatulence.
  • Green Tea contains bioactive compounds which are known natural fat burners thereby improves physical performance and helps in fat loss.
  • Various research studies done indicate that green tea contains a compound called ‘catechins’ that inhibit the growth of dental bacteria and certain viruses. Thus having green tea regularly is good for oral hygiene and helps to reduced bad breath.

Considering the health benefits a must try green recipe for the monsoon season. Melt the belly fat easy way!

Recommended as a part of daily routine try to practice easy to do simple yoga poses to boost immunity this monsoon.

Kapalbhati- Easy to do rejuvenating  yoga technique will warm up the face and add a healthy glow …click here to read more

Anulom Vilom Pranayama This Pranayama balances out the pranic channels. It removes toxins from the body.

Check out beginner yoga pranayama video for details

Bhujangasana Effective Yoga Exercise to try this monsoon. Bhujangasana helps to open the chest region and stimulates the thymus gland (vital gland that aids in improving the immune system by releasing T cells)

Check out the video for details

Naukasana Npose helps in improving the body’s overall immunity. This yoga exercise strengthens your abdominal organs, liver, and pancreas. It aids immensely in decreasing belly fat. It is an important pose that helps to improve digestion.

Playing in the rains or enjoying Monsoon outdoors with family is one of the best things you can do. But safeguard your family with these yogic diet tips, recipe, and simple yoga asanas.

We at The Yoga Institute teach authentic classical yoga or ashtanga yoga.  Check out the latest offerings we have this Monsoon season, click here for details.

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