Yoga Care during Pregnancy

Yoga Care during Pregnancy

Thought of motherhood and giving birth reaffirms, the essence of a higher reality. You get to experience a miracle. Yoga care offers the correct wisdom and guidelines, required to make the magical journey of pregnancy smooth.

Regular practice of yoga asanas during pregnancy helps to prepare a balanced state of mind and keeps the body flexible and healthy. Yoga poses are practiced in a gentle way so that body remains supple, active and helps you copes with common symptoms –

  • Constipation
  • Nausea
  • Morning sickness
  • Mood swings
  • Breathing problems
  • Fatigue
  • Backache
  • Leg cramps

Very useful pranayama yoga ensures smoother delivery and minimizes labour pains by helping to relieve tension around the pelvic region and cervix and quicker recovery after delivery.

Note: Always consult your physician and experience yoga teacher before you begin any yoga asana practise.

Top 10 yoga poses that can be done during pregnancy.

Here are some useful yoga poses which can offer respite from symptoms of pregnancy.

Sukhasana– This yoga pose can be done throughout pregnancy. The expansion given to the hip joint would improve flexibility. Watch Video for details

Vajrasana –Good exercise to the legs and thighs. This asana can be done throughout pregnancy.

Yastikasana-This is an excellent pose as it offers complete stretch to the thighs, arms and spine followed by complete relaxation. Throughout pregnancy can be done.

Parvatasana-The chest and trunk muscles get strengthened. Relives backaches and corrects postural defects. More oxygen to the body.

Talasana (I, II, III, IV)-Helps chest, spine, extremities and abdominal muscles. Throughout pregnancy however, after 3 months do not raise toes.

Konasana (II)-Prevents excess fat on waist region. Should be done till seven months. Watch video for details

Utkatasana– Strengthens thigh and pelvic muscles. Till one is comfortable.

Gomukhasana– Exercises the chest area and offers flexibility to the shoulders, neck and fingers. Can be done throughout pregnancy.

Vakrasana-Helps flexibility of spine and waist region. Throughout pregnancy can be done.

Paryankasana– Strengthens abdominal and pelvic muscles. Exerts gentle compression on abdominal and genito-urinary organs. Can be done throughout pregnancy.

You need to relax …

Dradhasana– This pose eliminates pressure on the back and relaxes it.

Shavasana (Corpse pose)- Relaxation in this pose can be done till 5th month after that not advisable to lie on back.Check out the video for Shavasana

Nispandabhava– Nis means ‘no’, Spanda means ‘movement’, Bhava ‘reflection’ Music that is soothing can be used. This technique induces passive listening that helps calmness and relaxation cause.

Paranayama Yoga-The way to breathe

Yogendra Pranayama I-Can be done sitting, standing or lying down. The gentle breathing helps to relax the uterine muscles and diverts the mind.

Yogendra Pranayama IV or Abdominal breathing– Rhythmic abdominal breathing without any jerks helps deep relaxation and cures insomnia.

By doing regular yoga exercises, hormones called ‘endorphins‘ (happy hormones) are released. These hormones keep the mother enthusiastic and optimistic. Episodes of unpredictable mood swings and anxiety are reduced.

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