Yoga Care Pre to Post-Pregnancy

Yoga Care Pre to Post-Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the period from conception (egg fertilised by sperm) up until the birth of the baby. After the fertilisation the egg gets embedded in the uterus lining. Then the placenta development occurs and embryo and then the fetus. Pregnancy usually lasts 40 weeks (Nine Months)

Pre-Conception Care Tips– Pre-conception care decreases the risks and increases the chance of a healthy baby delivery. Ideally one may start at least two to three months before you want to conceive. Inculcating healthy routines and Yoga guidelines help.

Some healthy yogic guidelines & dietary discipline to follow during this prenatal period

  1. Healthy habits of early to bed and eating on correct time helps. (Avoid late night parties and junk food.) Quit smoking and alcohol
  2. Eat your food slowly and chew your food properly.
  3. Any light physical exercise or activities help to promote balance, rhythm and good posture will benefit your health and improve chances of conception. For example-walking or healthy routine of regular yoga exercise.  A brisk walk in nature early morning and evening for 20 to 30 minutes is a must. Early morning sunlight is good. Soak some sunlight onto your back as well.
  4. Satvika Ahara -Opt for organic foods. Eat a balanced diet that comprises of lots of seasonal fruits, green vegetables, whole grains and dairy products.
  5. Drink ample of water. 12 glasses of liquid every day is a must.
  6. Maintain BMI (Proper diet and exercise can manage excess weight)
  7. Folic acid supplements recommended daily (400 to 800 micrograms)
  8. A regular visit to the doctor for any medical history or medical conditions and dietary supplements that might be required depending on your lifestyle.


  • The breasts tend to swell or may become tender.
  • Nipples will begin to darken and enlarge. The veins on the surface of the breasts will be noticeable.
  • During the first trimester, nausea and vomiting are very commonly experienced.
  • Frequent urination and fatigue during early weeks might occur

The first trimester -1 to 12 Weeks- It begins from the first day of your last period and lasts until the end of week 12. The first three are crucial baby grows faster, and by the end of six weeks, a heartbeat can be heard.  Baby’s muscles, bones, and the organs of the body have shaped. Baby looks like a miniature human and is called a fetus.

The Second trimester- 13 to 28 Weeks- You will look and feel pregnant. More energetic phase and you will experience a respite from morning sickness, nausea, anxiety and tiredness. Your baby bump will now grow, and you will experience baby moving. Standard blood tests, ultrasound to check for progress will follow.

The Third trimester- 29 to 40 Weeks- The bump will increase in size (basketball size roughly). The fetus will exhibit sensitivity to sound and light. Feelings at this stage will vary from anxiety, tiredness to excitement. Try to maximize room in your abdomen by standing and sitting upright. Eat small meals throughout the day. In the third trimester, you should sleep on your side. You can be active even during the last weeks, but you will notice the body is slowing down naturally.

Postpartum Care- After the baby is born, post natal care is essential. The period of 6 to 8 weeks after child birth is critical. The mother needs the attention and support. She will undergo lots of hormonal, emotional and physical changes. Proper rest and correct diet are important. Recommended Yoga Asanas and Pranayamas

Pranayama IV

Yogendra Pranayam IV can be done in the first and second trimester. Yogendra Pranayama I,  IV, and IX to be practised in particular. Also long inhalation and breathe out slowly and steadily from the mouth, this prepares the woman for labour as it is highly relaxing.

It takes 6 months for the stomach to come back to its normal shape. Post-delivery 3 minutes of Yoga Asana four times a day helps to heal the body naturally. Few of the recommended Yoga Asana post delivery. Yastik Asana, Parvatasana, Bhadrasana and Hastapadangustasan

  Yastik Asana

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