Yoga for a better Immune system

In recent times, the shift from careless living to conscious and healthy living has been quite drastic. Amongst this change, the need for yoga for a better immune system has been skyrocketing. It is very important to first understand, why and how can Yoga helps us with a better immune system.


Yoga is an effective and age-old technique to naturally boost immunity, thereby making the body sickness-free and healthy. The regular practice of Yoga can help to lower the stress levels and the stress hormones. This, in turn, strengthens the nervous system while stimulating the lymphatic system. It is due to this lymphatic system that the toxins are pushed out of the body. Along with this, you also need to have a healthy sleep routine to naturally replenish the body and mind.


Here are 3 Yoga techniques that can help you to get a better and healthier immune system:

1.  Bhujangasana:
This asana can enhance the working of the digestive system, the root cause of most of the diseases. If your gut is healthy, you are healthy.

– Lie on your abdomen with the hands by the sides of the body.

– Place the palms near your chest, while bending the elbows and keeping them close to the body.

– Inhaling, raise your head and neck upwards to look up towards the ceiling. Raise your upper body, so that the navel is still on the floor, and the feet are together.

– Hold the position for a few seconds and gently, release the pose.

2.  Virabhadrasana:
A powerful asana to bring about the attitude (Bhava) of fierceness and strength, that would help to keep the body and mind strong. This asana also helps to build up stamina.

– Stand with your legs three-feet apart and hands by the side of the body.
– Point one foot outward and bend the same knee. Ensure that the knee and ankle are in one straight line.

– Let your hands be by the side of the body in a ’T’ position and look towards the side your toes are pointing.

– Hold the asanas for 6 normal breaths and release.


3.  Bhastrika Pranayama:

This pranayama helps in increasing lung capacity, purifying the lungs and strengthening the core.

– Sit in a comfortable meditative posture.

– Do quick inhalation and exhalation, deeply and fully using the diaphragmatic muscles with vigour.

– Practice up to 10 breath cycles per round and relax for a few seconds. However, do not practice more than three such rounds in one sitting.


Yoga has a completely holistic approach to our health. Along with this, we must also be mindful of what we eat. After all, the food that we put inside our body, is largely responsible for our overall growth, progress, health, and immunity. Having a Sattvik Diet can make your body and mind feel light and balanced. Sattvik food items are very nourishing. It can not only boost your immune system but also give you good health, well-being, and harmony. You must not only eat in a happy mood but also cook with happy thoughts. Believe it or not, positive and good energies do get transferred to our meals.


Making Yoga as a way of life will only give you the complementary effect of an ‘immunity boost’. All you have to do is take conscious and dedicated efforts towards a consistent yoga practice!

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