#Yoga For Beginners – #Top 3 Tips on how to do Yoga?#

Yoga For Beginners – Top 3 Tips on how to do Yoga?

Yoga can be one of the best things, you can do for yourself this summer. Empower yourself with yoga basics and essentials that can help you to combat everyday stress, learn how to control temper, learn simple tips to reduce weight and much more. Here are few tips on yoga basics. These can be done on a daily basis and the best part-easy to do it yourself!(DIY) Watch the yoga video to get to all the details –Yoga For Beginners

Sukhasana (Easy or comfortable Pose)

Sukhasana is for people of all ages. ‘Sukhasana’ is the Sanskrit word “Sukham” which means easy or comfortable pose that gives “bliss”. As a novice or beginner it is a basic asana you should know. Initially, you can start your practice or all yoga sessions with this asana. Seems simple enough, but remember this yoga pose for beginners is much more than just sitting cross-legged on the floor with eyes shut. It is a conscious relaxation method that holds multiple benefits.

How to do Sukhasana?

Benefits of Sukhasana-

  • Helps to calm your mind and reduces stress and fatigue
  • Corrects your sitting posture, opens up the hips and opens up the chest region
  • Strengthens your back and stretches your spine.
  • Improves flexibility of your knee joints and thighs

Yastik Asana (Stick Pose)

Yastik means stick and Asana means yoga posture. This is again a basic yoga pose for someone who has just started learning yoga. It helps to relax and release tension from abdominal muscles. Overall flexibility of abdominal and pelvic region is improved. Stress, anxiety and fatigue are reduced; when done regularly. Popular basic yoga asana among children because when practiced regularly helps to increase height.

How to do Yastik Asana?

Benefits of Yastik Asana

  • Yoga pose can easily be done by children and it is an effective Yoga asana to increase height.
  • Keeps the belly fat in check and helps reduce weight.
  • Provided full stretch to your spine and entire body making your body flexible like a stick.
  • Entire body is relaxed and eases tension from all the muscles of your body right from your toes to finger tips.

Shavasana (Deadman or Corpse Pose)

This is popularly known as dead-man or corpses pose. Looks simple and easily mistaken for sleeping pose or asana, but it is conscious relaxation technique. You are not suppose to sleep in this particular asana. You need to consciously relax all the body parts.

How to do Shavasana? (Deadman or Corpse Pose)

Benefits of Shavasana

  • Relaxes all your muscles and different parts of the body.
  • Cures sleeping disorders and insomnia.
  • Exams being right round the corner important asana for school students
  • Good asana to improve blood circulation.
  • Beneficial for constipation and digestive problems.
  • Helps in improving concentration.
  • Mind, body and spirit – refreshed and rejuvenated.

Success mantra for yoga beginners is to practice daily, these three are very basic yoga asana to prepare your body for the next level of asana practices.

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