Yoga for diabetes (Madhumeh)

India currently has an alarming figure of about 62 million diabetics. This means every 4th Indian is a diabetic. Various surveys and scientific studies indicate-Annually rise of nearly 2 million. It has been projected that by the year 2030 the diabetes numbers in India are expected to cross the 100 million mark!

Diabetes affects the old and the young alike and it is one of the leading causes of death in the world. Madhumeh or Diabetes is a condition in which, the body does not produce insulin (insulin is produced by the pancreas which control blood sugar levels) or lack of enough insulin response due to which metabolic imbalances occur. Usage and regulation of glucose (sugar) in the body is disturbed. Sedentary life, stress, obesity, fear, anxiety and genetics factors are few of the causes that cause this disorder or disease.

Diabetes Normal Process

Yoga does not claim to cure madhumeh or Diabetes, but it can complement lifestyle and diet changes to keep blood glucose and diabetes symptoms in check. Health and wellness can be realized by doing few simple asanas and pranayamas. (Ensure you consult your doctors and medication provider before you start yoga practice. Monitor blood glucose levels and take appropriate medication as prescribed.)

Yoga for diabetes…

Yoga asanas for Diabetes- (Bow-Pose) Dhanurasana, (Twisting Pose) Vakrasana, Ardha Matsyendrasana, Matsyendrasana and Halasana (plough pose) are useful. These asanas compress the abdomen and help to stimulate the pancreas and insulin secretion. Yoga asanas are practised in a relaxed way without exertion and Yogendra breathing techniques done with the yoga asanas help by keep the mind controlled and calm.

Abdominal compressions gently massage and compress the liver and pancreas– this aids the endocrine functions and nervous and circulatory system. This in turn benefits the blood glucose levels regulation and metabolic rate is also positively affected. Reduce weight naturally a by-product of using these simple yet effective yoga poses because they help to reduce belly fat.

Yogendra Pranayama or Breathing techniques – These teach you the correct way to breathe, which help you to control your thoughts and calm you down. First step to control diabetes is to accept the situation and learn to breathe properly. Yogendra pranayama helps to improve the interaction between the pituitary function and pancreas thereby making the mind calm and positively affecting the metabolic rate.

Anulom Vilom or Nadi Shodhana Pranayama (alternate nostril breathing) and Kapalbatti (short inhalation and rapid exhalation) are extremely beneficial. Anulom vilom or alternate nostril breathing has calming effects on the nervous system and positive effect on homeostasis or internal equilibrium of various systems and functions). This calms the mind and stress levels, anxiety and fears are reduced thereby helping in the diabetes treatment. Kapalbatti improves the oxygenation of the blood cells.

Yoga Tips-

  • Yoga practice should be ideally done in the morning. Time crunch then evening is also good. Set aside 30 minutes for the recommended series.
  • Wear lose cotton clothing. Place the yoga mat in an open and airy room. Room should be neat and clean.
  • Asanas should be done as per one’s own capacity. The period of maintaining the postures should be done gradually from four seconds to a minute, depending on the capacity of the person.
  • Yogendra pranayama primarily teaches focus on the breathing while performing the asanas. This should be done consciously as it improves concentration and rhythm improves focus. Mind concentration and functions also improve.

Success mantra to blood sugar and diabetes management is Yoga- the breathe of holistic wellness.

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