Yoga For Glowing Face

Yoga For Glowing Face

A random flip of the matrimonial section of the Sunday papers, made me laugh like never before, as each Ad turned out to be more hilarious than the previous. It read thus:

Enterprising, “go getter” bride of 30 years seeks Matrimony with Tall, “Fair of Face”, gentle, mouse of a man, well versed in housework (would be bonus point).

Smart Chic!

Close in competition read another Ad:

Shy, father of few, divorcee seeks companionship: Required, “Fair of Face”, buxom young “Chiclet” coming from rich, illustrious background. If working (Read as earning) will be considered first.

Smart Alec!

Every Ad, commonality was “Fair of Face”. Well, what about the rest? Who are not “Fair of Face”, but “full of Grace?” Drown them-selves in a puddle of water?

What is the world coming to? Where are we heading? What example are we setting?

All the lotions and potions flooding the market may give a temporary superficial “Fair of Face”, but is this where one stops? Why is it? “Fair of Face” is always a requirement and never a bonus? If at all…

This got me thinking.

In our Yoga Institute Prabhat Colony Santacruz (East) we recommend a holistic approach to health. “Fair of Face” is always a bonus. We have several simple techniques e.g: Netra Snan, Jivha-Moola- Shodhan, Kapala-randhra-dhouti, Karna-randhra-dhouti, Kapala-bhati, Jala-neti, Vamana-dhouti and many more. All these are cleansing processes/shat karmas, not just for the facial area but also to cleanse the internal toxins of excess acids, bile etc. Once the toxins are out of the system naturally the face glows.

Netra Snan:- Cleansing of the eyes. It should be practiced soon after waking up. It freshens up and helps minimise lethargy and yawning through the day. Fill the mouth with water, puffing the cheeks and splash cool water on the eyes either open or closed. Repeat this several times.

Jivha-Moola-shodhan:- Cleansing the root or base of the tongue. It should be practiced on waking up. It cleanses the stale saliva that pools up in the mouth and throat during sleep. Swallow a mouthful or two of warm water and immediately throw up by cleaning the tongue and throat with fingers. (Do not allow the water to flow down the gullet).

Kapala–randra-dhouti:- Cleansing the fine pores of the facial skin with friction massage. Gently massage the forehead, cheeks, behind the ears and neck with rhythmic side-ward and upward strokes. If possible massage facing the sun rays.



Karna-randra-dhouti:- Cleaning the ears. Gently insert only the tip of either ring finger or fore finger in to the ear hole and rotate the finger clock-wise and anti-clock wise to cleanse and massage the inner side of the ear. It improves blood circulation to the ear.



Kapala Bhati:- Cleansing the sinuses on the frontal area of the face with brisk and forceful quick succession of half breath. Helps remove pollutants from the clogged sinuses.

Jala-neti:- Cleansing both the nasal passages with water. Inhaling clean warm saline water through one nostril and allowing it to dribble out of the mouth and nose. It is highly beneficial to ward off colds if practiced regularly. It is a refreshing experience.



Vamana-dhouti:- Cleansing of the stomach of its excess bile, acids by drinking saline water. Technique involves drinking a liter of water with salt and bicarbonate of soda mixed in right proportion, correct methodology of abdominal massage and throwing up the entire liter of water by manipulating the throat area with fingers.

Note: It is important to implement caution while practicing the techniques. They should be performed under the supervision of expert guidance to avoid any form of injury to oneself.

We also have various Pranayama and Asana techniques that increase blood flow to the gut, head and facial area. These practices need to be incorporated along with the right Ahara (Nutritious food), Vihara (The necessity of “mind, body” relaxation and mode of recreation), Vichara (Our thought pattern- conscious positive thinking leading to reduction of negative indulgences) and Achara (One’s behavioral pattern- being responsible, amicable, cheerful and doing selfless actions).

Disciplined practice of conditioning postures like Sukhasana, Vajrasana, Bhadrasana and Padmasana also help create a quiet and balanced state of mind thus a relaxed approach to stress and challenges in life.

What is the use of all the knowledge, if one is lacking the attitude of motivation to help oneself? At our Institute maximum emphasis is given to 4 right attitudes and self discipline-Dharma (duty towards oneself), Jnana (awareness to help oneself), Vairagya (to view one’s actions and progress objectively) and Aishwarya (a sense of well-being). The essence of Yoga philosophy is holistic approach to one’s mind management. Everything depends on ones right attitude towards glowing health.

A glowing face is more a physiological, emotional & mental radiance on the face rather than a mere external appearance. So, make a conscious effort to live life conscientiously, cultivate a hobby that makes you feel relaxed and happy. Keep yourself as productive as possible. Know nothing is permanent not even a glowing face. Stay humble. All this keeps you in a balanced state of mind, hence a glowing face. A bonus of one’s own efforts (Aishwarya Bhava).

Yoga philosophy is Ambrosia from heaven to mankind. It recommends expulsion of toxins from body, mind and emotion by living life with moment to moment awareness and vigilance of mind. Ones approach should be Glowing face via holistic management of oneself. The art of relaxation and continence in all areas of one’s life, is sure-fire method of gaining not just a glowing face but also a glowing self.

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  • Jaclyn Murphy
    Posted at 17:46h, 23 August Reply

    My big secret for doing yoga every day is my beauty of my face. I love to do yoga because I want to keep glowing all time. Fitness is other benefits with my glowing skin. Superb post! I loved it. Thanks to share!

  • Ojashvi Yoga Shala
    Posted at 12:17h, 07 October Reply

    Yoga Poses and asanas can improve the natural glow of your skin and make your skin texture and quality by promoting blood circulation towards your face.

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