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“One way to get high blood pressure is to go mountain climbing over molehills.”- Earl Wilson. How aptly the essence is captured by an astute American Athlete; common place affliction “high –BP” and “needless worry or stress” aggravates it. Today’s blog is all about high blood pressure and its management via yoga. (Note: Yoga suggests preventive measures and it is not to be mistaken as a complete curative solution for high BP. Please refer your doctor and experienced Yoga teacher/instructor before you practise any yoga asanas or poses).

What is Blood Pressure?

  • The pressure of the blood flowing through the veins needs a certain amount of pressure. Normal blood pressure range in adults is between 100/60 to 140/90 mm Hg.
  • If pressure is high on a regular basis, one is said to have high blood pressure. Its symptoms don’t generally show up in most people and hence it is called a silent killer.
  • High blood pressure puts an extra strain on the heart and arteries supplying blood to other organs of the body. Many diseases are caused by high blood pressure such as heart attack, heart failure, kidney failure, damage to the brain and eyes. The higher the blood pressure, the greater the chances of a heart attack!


It is being accepted that the way we live, determines the health condition of our arteries and veins and heart-health. Life style changes help– Discipline in diet, Sattvic food with ample of vegetables, raw salads and fresh fruits are suggested. Avoid salt and high protein diets. De-stress– Set up healthy routines early to bed and early to rise. Observe Mauna (silence) for some time every day. Try to maintain good and friendly interpersonal relationships. Take out time for recreational activities, learn to consciously relax and spend quality time with family. Always try to maintain a balance state of mind, irrespective of the situation you are faced with. Yoga also precludes smoking and drinking, which leads to heart disease.

Yoga recommends few simple techniques, asanas and poses that can be easily followed by people of any age group.



  • Relaxation- Autopsychoprophylaxis -Shavasana and Nispandabhava (any one for 5 to 7 minutes each day)
  • Yogendra Laya, Trataka (5 rounds of any one- once a day)
  • Yoni Mudra, Akasa Mudra- (any one for 30 seconds each day)
  • Yogendra Pranayama I and IV (both for 5 rounds once a day)
  • Asanas- Bhadrasana, Yastikasana, Supta Varkrasana and lying down Hastapadangusthasana (two rounds of each once a day)
  • Meditation – Sukhasana, Padmasana (any one meditative yoga pose for atleast 10 minutes each day)
  • Precaution to be taken
  • One should avoid holding breath during any technique. Static asana must be avoided.
  • Always start with a few simple techniques and then gradually build up.


Yoga benefits:

  1. Yoga gives positive energy and proves useful in managing a healthier lifestyle. Asana and Sattvic diet helps to keep the weight in check.
  2. Yoga in conjunction with conventional medicinal treatment can be helpful in reducing the daily medicinal dosage prescribed for High Blood pressure.
  3. Yoga Asanas keeps the arteries supple, well-oxygenated and helps lowering the blood pressure.
  4. Meditation brings the nervous system into balance, helps achieve peace of mind and serenity; thereby reducing stress.
  5. Yogendra Pranayama slows the heart rate and rejuvenates the cardiovascular system.
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