PCOD Menstrual issues and leucorrhea

Yoga for PCOD, Menstrual issues and leucorrhea

Yoga for PCOD, Menstrual issues and leucorrhea

PCOD, Menstrual issues and leucorrhea conditions are a direct by-product of unhealthy lifestyle choices in terms of food, lack of exercise and stressed filled lives. Additionally, hormonal changes impact women’s bodily processes in a unique way, which may lead to short-term and long-term health problems if not detected early on. Understanding the root causes of the hormonal imbalances and find lasting solutions through yoga therapy and correct nutrition helps in maintaining holistic health balance long-term. Yoga for PCOD, Menstrual issues and leucorrhea are covered in this article, which will offer practical solutions, but ensure you do this under experienced and certified Yoga therapist. (* Yoga is preventive in nature and nowhere claims to cure chronic conditions always check with your physician before you start yoga)

What is Polycystic ovarian cyst disease (PCOD)?

More common these days it is a disease of the ovaries due to multiple small cysts. The ovary or ovaries are inflated, and there are excessive amounts of androgen and estrogenic hormones production.

Common Menstrual issues- Many adolescents experience hormone imbalances during puberty, and lots of teenagers (girls) have heavy blood flow during periods. Heavy menstrual bleeding can be early indications of conditions such as fibroids (benign growths) or polyps in the uterus or thyroid conditions.

What is leucorrhea?

Leucorrhoea is a thick, whitish to yellowish or greenish vaginal discharge. The main cause of leukorrhea is usually estrogen imbalance. In many cases, leukorrhea is an early sign of bacterial or yeast infection, especially when the discharge colour is yellow or green and accompanied by an offensive odour.

Common Symptoms for PCOD, Menstrual issues and leucorrhea include-


Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

  1. Abdominal cramps
  2. Foul smell in the discharge
  3. Mood changes or irritability
  4. Weight gain or loss
  5. Bloating
  6. Breast tenderness
  7. Heavy or irregular bleeding
  8. Itching pain in the vaginal tract

Balanced Nutrition is the key to avoiding and overcoming PCOD, Menstrual issues and leucorrhea symptoms. Diet tips, Dos and Don’ts-

Balanced Nutrition

Balanced Nutrition

  • Don’t skip breakfast or other meals. Eat on time.
  • Enjoy What You Eat
  • Do include whole grains, lean protein, organic fresh fruits and seasonal vegetables.
  • Don’t overload on sugar & salt. Eat Low-Glycemic Foods- Because of their high fibre content, foods low in glycemic-index change the metabolism of estrogen and reduce mood swings. Food that helps Broccoli, Cauliflower, Leafy greens, Beans and peas, Hummus, Sweet potatoes, Apples, Oranges, Peanuts, chia seeds.
  • Do pay attention to what you’re drinking, avoid aerated drinks and switch to green or herbal tea. Limit Processed and Inflammatory Foods
  • Increase Veggies and Gut-Healthy Foods and fruits – Whole Dried Niranjan Phal / China Fruit / Sterculia Lychnophora is a good preventive against Irregular PMS, heavy bleeding, fibroids and menopausal bleeding.
  • Vitamins B2, B3, B5 and B6 help.
  • Choose Hormone-Free Dairy products
  • Consume home cooked sattvic meals
  • One should do regular yoga exercise and a brisk walk to maintain his weight.
  • Avoid faulty modern life instead focus on soothing music, gardening, and spending some time in the natural surrounding garden, parks, beach etc.
  • Avoid skin-tight clothing. Cotton and lose clothing helps.

Recommended Yoga Asana, Pranayama’s and Relaxation techniques for PCOD, Menstrual issues and leucorrhea –

Yoga Asanas– Parvatasana, Yastikasana, Dhanurasana, Bhadrasana, Bhujangasana

Pranayamas– Yogendra Pranayama I, II, III, IV & IX. Bhramri Pranayama reduces stress, anxiety, tension and depression, very helpful in coping with your mood swings.

Relaxation– Nisphanda Bhava, Anitya Bhavana, Shavasana

Meditation every day acts as a natural mood elevator and activates the parasympathetic nervous system inducing a calming effect. Meditation harmonises the mind, body and emotions and helps to manage PCOD Menstrual issues and leucorrhea symptoms better.

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