We are aware, due to conception a new life form starts growing within the womb of a female this is known as pregnancy. Pregnancy is a whole new experience for the mother to be. A baby giving birth to a mother.

Pregnancy brings on numerous physical, physiological most importantly emotional and mental changes. Due to fluctuations in hormone levels, these changes sometimes can unnerve the mother to be. This is when Yoga can be of tremendous help.

Understanding and implementing Yoga techniques turns this experience into a boon.


Yoga works holistically. It helps the woman to become aware, gracefully manage and enjoy the rapid changes occurring. Body changing its shape, fatigue, sleeplessness, lethargy, nausea, constipation, weight gain, water retention, fluctuations in blood pressure, breathlessness as the pregnancy advances, anxiety, at times panic attacks, change in skin pallor, varicose veins and many more. Not all women go through these highs and lows.

Yoga does boost the woman’s morale and give her the confidence to happily carry the baby to full term by incorporating its Attitudinal training. Simple stretches, deep breathing and relaxation techniques improves blood circulation to her extremities, improves digestion, quality of sleep, manages the anxiety levels, coping abilities and prepares the woman for a wonderful experience of becoming a mother called Labour.

Satvika ahara provides balanced nutrition, Asanas and Pranayamas can be practiced till the last day and beyond pregnancy with proper monitoring as it prepares the woman to shoulder the responsibility of her baby and enjoy the experience maintaining her holistic health.



Asanas and Pranayamas to be incorporated:

Sukshma Vyayama, All upward stretches like Talasana (feet flat), Parvatasana, Uthkatasana with support, all meditative postures particularly Bhadrasana sitting and lying down. Gentle forward bending, Uttanasana (leg raise to the wall) for better blood circulation to avoid Varicose veins. Ushtrasana, Yastikasana.

Makarasana and Shavasana in early pregnancy.

Pranayam IV first and second trimester.

Dradasana to be practiced till the last day of pregnancy as relaxation technique.

All except 5 and 7. 1, 4, 9 to be practiced in particular also long inhalation and breathe out slowly and steadily from the mouth, this prepares the woman for labour as it is highly relaxing.

With the help of Yoga ‘Pregnancy and after’, can be a beautiful experience to cherish.


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