Yoga For Students: Tips To Improve Concentration & Memory During Exams

The hot summer months of March and April are testing times for both the parents and the students. ICSE, CBSE and all levels of exams are ongoing. Exams are dreaded and feared and common complains of loss of energy, forgetfulness, worry, tension, headaches are seen in the students. All kinds of students across the length and breadth of India are buckling under the wave of stress, anxiety and insomnia trials. Merely telling students to calm down and suggesting home-remedies are nearly not enough to calm the students. Yoga is the correct answer to deal with exams stress. Yoga tips and poses for the students to improve concentration and memory to perform better in exams.

Yoga teacher, Anjaliji agrees, “Daily just 15 minutes of Yoga can help the students keep the symptoms of anxiety, tension and pressure at bay.”

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Ashtanga Yoga is not a miracle cure for exam stresses and please do not expect overnight results but at least 30 minutes of Yoga and Yogic lifestyle and choices are encouraged to get relief from the fervor of exams.

Yogic lifestyle changes that help during exams so sharing some quick tips

  1. Get up early in the morning and sleep early in the night. The first step is enough sleep. Ensure you complete your sleep quota of about at least 6 to 8 hours every day.
  2. Eat healthy foods especially during exams. Sattvik diet of whole grains, fresh fruits and seasonal vegetables help a lot. Chew your food properly. Do not overeat since it leads to lethargy. Avoid fried foods, fast foods and spicy foods. Eat home-cooked meals. Include some dried fruits like almonds, pine nuts, walnuts in your daily diet.

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  1. Drink enough water. 75 % of Body is nearly made-up of water. Summer months and exam stress add up so drink sufficient water. Carry your own water during exam time to prevent water-borne infections and diseases.
  2. Maintain healthy routines. Avoid parties, events and functions on those particular days. Adopt yoga exercises that help to keep the mind, body and spirit in harmony. Keep the healthy company of sincere students who are good at studies.
  3. Give social media a break. Switch off your mobile phones in the night. Talk less and work more during exam time.
  4. Manage your time-table daily and do not waste time.
  5. Recreation is essential every day even during exams but within limits and do not overdo it or go overboard with it during exam days. Set some amount of time aside to relax even during exam time.

Yoga Pranayama that help during exam time

A common scene during the exam time is that of sad faces of the students and burned-out (lacking energy.) This happens due to improper management of breath and energy. To feel revived Yoga pranayama helps to improve the blood oxygen content and helps to calm down.

Nadi Shodhan Pranayama or Anulom Vilom – A very simple yet very effective yogic breathing technique that is very useful to beat the exam stress. It has a tranquillising effect on the tone and rhythm of the heart and the brain waves. This technique helps to improve oxygen capacity of lungs. This pranayama calms the mind and aids in concentration. Free radicals and toxins are eliminated from the ida and Pingala Nadi and help to restore the balance between the two. This pranayama helps to calm the nervous system.

Watch the video for details:

Yoga Kriya to improve focus, memory and concentration

Benefits of Trataka are numerous- Purifies the eyes and strengthens the eye muscles by exercising them to focus on a point. Improves vision, concentration and memory. Hence, highly recommended for school children. Cures exam-related disorders such as anxiety, headache, insomnia, etc. By fixing the gaze the restless mind to comes to a halt. Hence, calms the mind and provides inner peace and silence. Enhances self-confidence, patience and willpower.

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Yoga poses for Students

Recommended Yoga Asanas shared can help you get the much-required focus & vitality during this board exam period. You can attempt, all forwarding bending yoga asanas or exercise such as Hastapadasana, Paschimottanasana, Chakrasana. These will increase blood circulation to the head region and improve the amount of oxygenation to the head. This will help you to keep calm, focused and sharp during exam time. (Ensure you do the asanas right; under supervision with the help of a qualified yoga teacher)

Now that you have a clue try out the Yoga tips to improve concentration & memory during exams. Say goodbye to the exam stress and make Yoga a success mantra. Good luck with the exams!

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