Yoga healing for the knee pain 

Yoga healing for the knee pain 

‘Housemaid’s knee or Bursitis’– This is the most common form of localized inflammation of the knee joint. Mostly, a swelling or grapefruit sized lump seen below the skin near to the knee joint. Mainly caused due to repeated exertion on the knees by frequent kneeling-down action. Knee and knee joints can be compared to harder working shock-absorbers. Few simple yoga asanas or Yoga exercises help to ease the pressure and keep knee problems at bay. “Prevention is better than cure!” Here is a look at Homaker- Savitri Verma who was suffering from serve knee pain and was suggested knee replacement and how yoga helped to heal the knee pain

Name: Savitri Verma

Age: 72 years old

Profession: Homemaker

Health Issues: Asthma, Back pain, severe leg pain and Knee replacement surgery suggested by doctors

Q: How did you learn about The Yoga Institute?

A: I heard about The Yoga Institute from my neighbour who is a Yoga teacher at the institute. I was in serve pain and limping since past few years. Due to personal reasons did not want to go in for knee replacement surgery.

Q: State your present age, profession, and ailment

A: I am 72 years old, a homemaker with grown-up children leading their own lives. My illness progressed slowly from past few years leg pain was becoming difficult to bear. Also, I have asthma, and attacks made my pain all the worst. In a year with every seasonal change, I would need hospitalisation. Government run hospital trips and medicines were an on-going process with little relief from excruciating pain.  I was advised by the attending doctor to go in for knee replacement surgery costing was about three lakhs. I was reluctant due to financial constraints.

Q: Family history of the disease, please share the particulars?

A: I am not aware, but we do not have knee pain history or asthma as far as I can remember.

Q: How have you benefitted from special yoga women regular class?

A: Yoga teachers were caring and attentive. They gave me a lot of moral support and knowledge about taking proper diet and doing my simplified yoga asanas practice every day. I was regular and practised it daily. Daily walk at my pace and food restriction helped me a lot. AVAV (Ahar, Vihar, Achar and Vichar) four fundamentals taught her laid the foundation, and my symptoms improved immensely.

My weight was 80 kg after two years of regular yoga practice I am at a healthy weight of 63 kg. Yoga has helped me immensely because now knee surgery is not required. I feel more energetic and losing the extra weight has been helpful. The frequency of asthmatic attacks has also reduced. Even if I experience asthma attack once in a while, my pump medicine is enough to allay my symptoms. There is no need to rush to the hospital. Also, my medicine intake has reduced.

Thanks to yoga and the care provided by The Yoga Institute I can walk on my own feet without limping. My weight has also reduced I feel happy and content that I decided to come here.

Doctors at the government hospital were surprised by my recovery and advised me to continue doing yoga.

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