Yoga on World Health Day

Yoga on World Health Day


Yoga on World Health Day

“No one should be put in a position to have to choose between buying medicine and buying food.”

These are deep words and dilemma faced by almost 100 million people who are pushed into poverty worldwide. WHO figures Yoga on World Health Day seems to be the ideal solution.

Developed countries have made significant progress towards worldwide health coverage. Yet, more than half of the world’s population still has no access to the health and medical services needed. It is the WHO’s 70th anniversary. On this monumental occasion WHO is working with the world leaders to live up the agreed sustainable development growth and goals. WHO is charting out tangible steps so that everyone worldwide can access primary quality health amenities without facing financial adversity!

WHO theme is “Health for All,” and relevance of Yoga should be addressed. Yoga is a holistic health option everyone can access. Yoga is a sustainable practice. It  can be adapted and learnt by everyone throughout the world.

Classical Yoga or Ashtanga Yoga is the ideal preventive measure that can ensure holistic health. It is a useful tool to cut down the health costs significantly. Yoga on World Health Day is a sustainable solution.

So let us celebrate life and living with Yoga. Mark this day and take few practical steps in daily life towards health by doing Yoga.

“Human body has its own homeostasis and is capable of healing itself. Sickness is our own doing!”~Dr. Hansaji Yogendra.

Every human body is different. Yoga is all-inclusive. It is an effective practice for a healthy body, mind and spirit. It is a scientific tool that takes into account numerous disorders and today’s lifestyle-related diseases and disorders like stress, ADHS, depression, anxiety etc. Many research studies done have found that Yoga essentially improves quality of life, reduces stress and has a calming effect. Yoga works on your parasympathetic nervous systems and helps to strengthen the immune system.

Recommended Yoga Practices for promoting Mental Wellbeing this World Health Day

Pranayama or breathing techniques

The breath sustains the life –force. Think about it. A person can stay without food for few months, without water perhaps few days, but can he survive without air? Well, hardly few seconds or minutes!There is a deep connect between mind wellness and breath. Take slow diaphragmatic breathing or Yogendra Pranayama IV.

Check Anulom Vilom Pranayama:

It is a crucial method useful for quieting the mind and keeping the body fit. And, Anulom Vilom Pranayama help to alter the brain’s thinking pattern. This technique is useful in treating emotional imbalances. This pranayama is very helpful in recuperating from long illness. So celebrate healthful living and a deep-mindful Pranayama breathing.

Watch the Video:

Yoga Asanas or postures

Yoga asanas improve the blood circulation, releases stress, anxiety and tones the muscles. It is a known enhancer of moods, boosts immunity and brings about mental balance. Some must do Yoga asanas that help the relaxation cause are- Yoga Mudra, Vipareet Karani, Ushtrasana (Camel pose), Halasana (Plough pose), Makarasana (Crocodile Pose) and Savasana (Corpse Pose)

Reflection & Meditation

Read Meditation Guide:

 Yoga techniques of reflection and meditation improve the brain function. Yoga promotes alpha brain waves by increasing cortical thickness, which governs the learning and memory faculties. Techniques of reflection & meditation infuse a sense of mindfulness, breathing is regulated, and a sense of tranquility and well-being is promoted.

Therefore, these should be reason sufficient enough to give Yoga a shot this World Health Day! To find out about us click here ->

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