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This is a transformation story that achieved not just a goal but changed a life. Read on to get inspired & motivated and find out how an accidental encounter went on to a life changing decision.

I was not really an athletic type. As a kid, I didn’t participate in any sport be it cricket, volleyball or badminton. I would fail most of my PT classes and could not even do gymnastics. Then with my family I moved to Mumbai. A city surrounded by models and beautiful people, and to add it up my father worked in Bollywood as a technical person.  The pressure and the want to look and feel better made me change.

However, I didn’t follow the best routine to do so. I went through some periods where I mindlessly followed crash diets and hit the Gym with a vengeance and ran 5 miles every day to ‘shape up my body’ goal. I continued gym and dieting for a while. But then I landed up with a job and gained double the weight that I lost.

My full-time corporate job made me lethargic and I lacked energy at most times.  I didn’t have energy, no time to work out, and I was just low in confidence.

One day, I accidently accompanied my friend to her Yoga class. And that transformed my life.

I had never practiced Yoga before. I wasn’t really sure or even interested initially. I had numerous pre-conceived notions that most people have even before trying it: that it’s slow, it’s for the ageing population, it’s just a spiritual lecture and many more. I even thought Yoga is only for fit people and it is all about twisting and stretching. I didn’t feel comfortable and was insecure about my abilities and thought a Yoga school wouldn’t be friendly or welcoming. But my friend convinced me to go to a class and from that moment on; I knew I found my true calling.

Suddenly, I had a direction, and I loved Yoga so much that I was going to the Institute every single day. I hated the thought of taking a break and followed & practiced Yoga with diligence.  I started to feel a lot better about myself and noticed an immediate shift in my attitude and creativity.


Which are the Asana’s and practices that work best?

  • There are multiple Yoga Asana’s to tone the body. They are Parvatasana, Yashtikasana, Yoga mudra, Aarvangasana, Halasana, Vakrasana, Paschimottanasana etc. They all helped me to lose the extra weight I had and transformed the way I looked and felt.

  • Pranayamas or breathing exercises like Yogendra Pranayama I, II, III and IV helped to ease the stress and felt good. Anulom-Vilom pranayama was an excellent detox and made me feel the best.

  • Daily rest and relaxation Yoga helped me to get into shape and increased my strength and stamina. Reflection, AnityaBhava, PratipakshBhavana helped to transform the attitude and overcome negativity.

What are the reasons I owe my success to Yoga?

I felt amazing and beautiful inside – out with every day regular Yoga practice. I built a ton of core strength, and felt confident in my mid-section, and developed arm strength. I had a healthier and stronger physique and was confident about it. I felt flexible and good about myself and the way I looked.

Yoga helped me even more on the mind and body level. I was going through a tough time where I didn’t really know if I was happy with my career choice, my relationships and I felt stuck with things I did not want. Yoga was a gentle and effective therapy for me. As I started doing Yoga every day, I noticed all the other areas of my life transforming. I had so much more confidence and not just from a physical standpoint, but more by knowing who I am as a person. It helped me organize myself internally. I became more patient with myself and my mistakes. I started to put my life into perspective.


What are my future steps in life?

I now feel was so inspired in my life! Every day I experience a new zest for creativity and all my decisions are driven with utmost mindful thinking. I ended up enquiring about the Teacher Training Course and joined immediately. Yoga has been the one life changing decision of my life that is shaping up my body, mind and transforming my life!

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