Yoga Sutra Ch 1 Sutra 9 (Parisamvad)

Patanjali Yoga Sutra
Transcribed from Parisamvad at The Yoga Institute.

Chapter 1, Sutra 9

The modification called ‘Vikalpa’ is based on verbal cognition in regard to a thing which does not exist. (It is a kind of useful knowledge arising out of the meaning of a word but having no corresponding reality)
Sabda : word , sound

Jnana : by knowledge , knowing
Anupati : following , depending upon
Vastu : a reality or real object
Sunyo : devoid , without
Vikalpa :imagination
The object is absent – Vastu Sunya. That is called imagination and yet words are used, ideas are put forward. When we are using words, using ideas, imagining – the thing as such doesn’t exist. It’s on the strength of our own words, ideas that we influence others and that goes on in life. We talk a lot, arguments are there, plans – it grows. We are never idle but what we produce is just Kachra (garbage). There is nothing in it. We can go on talking for hours, we can write. So this is the point – using words, behind that there is nothing – Vastu Sunya. They are dangerous. They are unreal. We can go into day dreaming. If the thinking is done and the actual things are there then the thinking is a reality, if the actual things are not there and we go on imagining, we can get into trouble. Many people get into trouble. We get lost into imagination. It doesn’t match the reality, it just satisfies our ego. They tell us to beware of imagination. Be firmly fixed on reality and then you can think. But if the thing is not there and you go on imagining on that basis, you predict things , then it’s going to hurt.
Imagination is fertile, you can imagine anything looking at the clouds, children imagine it to be lion, elephant, etc. There was this girl , the moment she would see a cloud, she would get an Asthma attack. So Vikalpa could be Klista or Aklista. There was another small girl who was once returning home from school with her mother. It was rainy season and there was a lot of thunder. The mother was scared, but this little girl was very amused. Whenever lightning struck, the girl would look up towards the sky and smile. The mother asked her, ‘What are you doing?’ The girl replied. ‘God is taking my picture and so I am smiling.’ The girl didn’t feel any fear or tension. We have to be child like. We grown-ups imagine all wrong things. There was this lawyer who married late in life. After 3 days of marriage, we went to see him. The lawyer was very upset. On inquiring, he said. I have made a mistake by marrying. Soon my wife will get pregnant and pregnancy at this late age will be very expensive. When the child comes, admissions into a good school will again require a lot of money, then his education, etc. The expenses are running into lakhs of Rupees. I don’t have all that money.’ Now it so happened that this lawyer died early without any child. When a parent sees the child not studying, they start imagining that he will not even get the job of a peon. The best is to stop this mind. Your spouse is talking smilingly with someone. Now you can imagine that there is some affair going on or you can imagine, they may be sharing something good – let’s find out what. The mind needs to be disciplined.
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