Tasya Vachakah Pranavah

Yoga Sutra – ||Tasya Vachakah Pranavah||-1.27

Yoga Sutra – ||Tasya Vachakah Pranavah||-1.27

Yoga Sutra 1.27, “Tasya Vachakah pranavah”, meaning or AUM (Pranava) is the word denoting God. or AUM is the syllable used instead of Ishvara for remembering Him. Besides being easier to pronounce, it is very practical to use whenever one wishes to concentrate on Ishvara. Sutra- तस्य वाचकः प्रणवः ॥२७॥ evokes a Bhava of reverence and complete surrender.

According to yoga, the only way to experience God is through Ishwarapranidhana or through total surrender to God. The concept of ‘faith’ is a concept of the intellect or the mind. But when the word ‘surrender’ comes into the picture, the mind is not involved. The mind stops and complete surrender of the personality is attained. Religions use a certain name or a certain form for God. But yoga isn’t a religion. Yoga talks about the qualities of God and how we have to keep these qualities in mind and make a concentrated effort from our side to attain them, so that we can get closer to Him. or AUM with correct utterance has a real calming impact leading to a higher state of consciousness. Om or aum is the most simple and powerful mantra one can chant. It is frequently combined with the mantra “Shanti,” which means peace in Sanskrit.

This particular notion of God, described in the Yoga Sutra, highlights three intrinsic ingenuities-perfect freedom and transcendence of all karmas and afflictions; the role of primeval spiritual divinity, the eternal guide of all living beings and omniscience- perfect knowledge of everything.

Tasya Vachakah Pranavah

Tasya Vachakah Pranavah

If you have direct connection with God, no other path is required. – Smt Hansaji J Yogendra. This is one path suggested that helps to connect with a higher reality.

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