Yoga Therapy for Asthma

Yoga Therapy for Asthma

Monsoon season brings with it host of air and water borne diseases. Instances of Asthma attack are also on the rise. Monsoon or rainy season increases mold and spores content along with that the environmental pollutants tend to trigger an asthma attack and symptoms.
Yoga advocates “Prevention is better than cure” All the yoga techniques help prevention of diseases and useful in the management of every kind of disorder or illness.
Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease of the bronchioles (airways.) Common symptoms include –

It is a common condition that affects individuals of all ages and groups. World population has 300 million asthmatics and out of that 1/10th of those are Indians. The prevalence of childhood asthma is also on the rise. In the recent times, primary contributing factor for increased asthma instances in children is mainly due to environmental factors (global warming, Ozone depletion etc.) and pollution.
Ancient art and science of yoga hold the key to holistic health. Following simple yoga therapy can do wonders to pacify asthma symptoms and can act as a preventative measure to avoid severe attacks.

Handy Tips-
• Asthmatic should cover their heads and avoid direct breeze on your head region.
• Dietary Discipline is a must. Make it a habit of drinking a glass of warm water after meals. This helps to keep the passage clear of mucus.
Systematic learning and practice of Yoga Asanas; proper breathing techniques and following simple kriyas can be very helpful to naturally overcome symptoms of asthma.

Systematic learning and practice of Yoga Asanas; proper breathing techniques and following simple kriyas can be very helpful to naturally overcome symptoms of asthma. Suggesting few basic shat karmas, yoga asanas and breathing techniques to counter asthma. (Ensure you learn for experienced yoga teacher for optimal benefits)

Shat Karmas

Ancient yogis used these techniques to improve upon their meditation. These important shat-karmas play a vital role in the purification of the body and have manifold, wondrous results and are held in high esteem by eminent yogis.

JalaNeti– It is non-injurious, nonirritating and absolutely simple. The beginners in yoga could practice this yoga nasal douche without any misgiving and get positive benefits. A handy yogic technique useful for irrigation of nasal passage and sinusoidal cavities to make it free of dirt, debris, potential disease agents (bacteria & viruses) and excess mucus. Click Here to Read More...

Kapal Randhra Dhouti & Karna Randhra Dhouti These are handy yogic techniques useful for irrigation of all the cavities of the skull and to make it free of everyday day pollutants, potential disease agents (bacteria & viruses) and excess mucus. The amount of dust we inhale and the adulterated food and poisonous drinks we are daily swallowing, clogging throughout biophysical mechanism is unavoidable. The cavities of the skull accordingly suffer from dust accumulation, pollutants, and accumulation of excess phlegm. Click Here to Read More… 

Pranayama Yoga

Anulom Vilom– This pranayama (breathing technique) helps to calm your mind and relieves the body of accumulated stress. This breathing technique has a healing effect on many respiratory and circulatory disorders.Watch the video for complete details

Kapalbhati– Kapalbhati consists of two words i.e. “Kapal” means- skull (in this technique skull includes all the organs in & around the skull too) and “Bhati” means- shining or illuminating. This breathing exercise is mainly for cleansing the facial sinuses. Blood circulation and oxygenation of the entire face are improved.
Click Here to Read More…

Suggested Yoga Asana

Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose) (Watch Video for details)

Pavanamuktasana (Wind-relieving pose)


Shavasana for relaxation– Conscious relaxation for mind, body, and spirit. Watch video for details

NispandaBhava– When unable to sleep, asthmatics should try NispandaBhava this encourages the tendency to let go and acceptance of life and situation as they are!

People suffering from Asthma or Weeping Lung disease have a tendency of pent-up anger and are unable to voice it out. Make it a point to express your anger and issues at the correct time and in a right manner. This monsoon season please take good care of yourself and ones you love. Enjoy happy living and easy breathing with The Yoga Institute.

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