Yoga tips for nursing moms

Nature has blessed women to nurture. The sacred connection between a mom and her child is one of the strongest. Only a mother’s love is unselfish and unconditional. It is nothing short of a miracle that nature has provided the best nutrition source “mothers’ breast milk.” Join us for some Yoga tips for nursing moms.

Breast milk is ideal and provides complete nutrition for the newborn infants. Breastfeeding lowers asthma and allergies risk for the newborn. Plus, various research studies have successfully proved that breastfed babies have fewer respiratory illnesses, ear infections and fewer instances of diarrhea.



Breastfeeding holds multiple benefits for both Mom and Baby. Major benefits include-

Ideal Nutrition for Babies

First, six months infants should be feed Breast milk only. Breast milk contains all the nutrients the baby needs. The composition of milk even changes according to the baby’s changing requirement and needs.

Breast Milk contains important antibodies

Breast milk is loaded with antibodies that help to build immunity of your child against viruses and bacteria. The colostrum or the first milk provides high amounts of immunoglobulin A (IgA) and a whole host of antibodies.

Healthy gut & better eating patterns

Breastfed infants have helpful gut bacteria and thus affect the fat storage ability. Breast milk contains more leptin a key hormone for regulating appetite and fat storage. Breastfed babies can self-regulate their milk intake. Various studies indicate that breastfed babies eat only until they’ve satisfied their hunger. Thus it helps them develop healthy eating patterns.

Being a mother to a newborn is a full-time job. Sometimes it can get overwhelming.  Various studies done at the Institute, show that doing yoga even for a few minutes is good for the mother and the baby.

Some yoga tips to make this beautiful phase enjoyable and nursing your infant easier.

Meditate every day even if it’s for few minutes only

A newborn infant can be very demanding, hectic and stressful. Meditation is an important aspect of yoga that allows you to reaffirm and reassure yourself that you are doing all you can for your child. This helps you to remain in a positive frame of mind. Meditation helps in being mentally aware and ‘in the present’ and this will ease the process of nursing a child.

Yoga postures for strengthening the body

Most common problem is back pain problem. Breastfeeding and sleeping in the wrong position lead to back pain. Constantly feeding in a fetal position is the common mistake done. Take support of a pillow at the back and rest your elbows on the pillow if you have to. You need to be relaxed and in a comfortable position to be able to nurse the infant with ease.

Recommending Parvatasana, Yastikasana, Hastapadasana and Cat Pose. All these asanas open up the front of your body and lengthen your spine and back muscles. All these postures help to compress, stretch, arch, and reinforce all the major muscles of the body. Also benefits the digestive system and respiratory system. These postures help to strengthen your body and your mind.  All new moms can use more stamina and strength to give the best to their babies.

Surya Namaskar or sun salutation: It is both meditation and yoga sequence of exercise. Surya Namaskar warms up your whole body, provides flexibility and energies the mind.

Yoga for calming emotions and better sleep

Yogendra Pranayamas I, II, III, IV & IX- These yoga breathing techniques are restorative to help you breathe better. Pranayama, when done daily, helps to breathe better and works as a natural pain reliever. Breathing exercises help to focus your attention and a positive mental outlook. Deep breathing benefits your body and releases the toxins.

If anytime during yoga practice something doesn’t feel right in your body, please stop right away. If you had a C-section, take some extra precaution. Always check with your physician before you start any exercise or yoga program.

Celebrate the very foundation of life –this breastfeeding week join in and say yes to breast milk elixir of life!

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