Yoga to prepare for the Winters


Stepping out of the comfort zone has a whole new meaning in winter! The warm blanket, cozy bed and a cup of coffee automatically seem like the right choice than flexes those muscles, right? Wrong! Though the season brings along with it a lot of excuses, it is without a doubt an ideal time when you must step out and get going! We don’t realize but the weather change has a huge impact on our body, not just externally but internally as well.

The low temperature and humidity cause an energy imbalance that affects our well-being and total health. We need to make a few adjustments to keep our digestive and circulatory systems functionally well.

Here are a few Yoga tips to prepare you for the winters:

Eat well:

  • Maintaining good health is important in winter. Since the digestive system gets weak, it is very important to have a healthy diet.

  • Your diet must include fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds, and more oils. Oils help your body to stay warm whereas fruits and vegetables provide fibers for the system.

  • Try to eat in small quantities, and only when you are hungry. Ensure that your food is well-cooked as raw food will put unnecessary pressure on the already weak digestive system.

Practice daily:

  • Prepare for winters by practicing Asanas daily! Why should we depend on external heaters to stay warm when we can generate heat internally?

  • Practicing Asanas can help you to generate heat from within. In this way, your body won’t feel cold and you will also get the benefits of doing some activity.

Stay healthy:

  • Winter brings along with it a wave of illnesses! This happens because the body is adjusting to the changes in temperature making it the ultimate cold and flu season! From clogged-up sinuses, fever, chills, to cough are quite common during winters. Hence, to avoid getting sick, make sure that you maintain good hygiene as well.

  • Wash your hands regularly, load up on Vitamin C, and drink plenty of water to flush out the toxins. It’s no secret today that warm water does wonders for the body. Stay hydrated!

  • Avoid taking naps in the afternoon. Be more active by taking the stairs, go for a run, and walk as much as you can.

Stretch those muscles:

  • Our muscles tend to get stiffer in the cold. And what can help open up those tight muscles than Asanas?

  • Start all your Yoga practices with gentle warm-ups and loosening exercises. This will prepare your body for all the Asanas and also improve blood circulation throughout the body.

Yoga practices:

  • Stretches in the morning and more dynamic practice in the evenings or before your meals will fit you up for winters! Wondering which Yoga practices to include, here are suggestions for you:

Surya Bhedhan Pranayama (Right Nostril Breathing)

Kapalbhati Meditation – to beat the winter blues

Sarvangasana (Shoulder Stand)

Surya Namaskars – to generate heat and improve the blood circulation.

Joints care:

  • The onset of winter affects our muscular joints the most. This is why you must keep your body in movement and practicing the loosening exercises.

  • You can also gently oil massage the joints and the body as a whole. This will not only keep the joints supple but will also keep the body moisturized from dryness.

This winter, let’s overcome laziness, fatigue, and stiffness with the power of Yoga. Keep practicing the Asanas and keep yourself healthy and hydrated for a smooth journey and to uplift your overall well-being. So what are you waiting for? Winter is coming! Let’s heat up and get on the mat.

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    Good inspirational thoughts

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    Good inspirational thoughts

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    How can raw food be heard to digest? Raw food is the oat natural way of eating food and natural food is the healthiest for the body.

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    Hello, its a nice post thank you so much for creating this informative Post.

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