Yoga Psychology

Chakras relate to our Kundalini which in turn is a representation of these immense potentials within us. There are innumerable means of tapping these potentials (Mantras, Yantras, gemstones, Asanas, etc.). However, since all creations are first conceived in our thoughts, these thoughts are seen as the most potent resources to tap our potentials.


Our thoughts are the primary source of all creations and hence considered to be the most potent causative factor for the manifestation of all potentials. Similarly, possession of potentials without the wisdom to use it judiciously is akin to a monkey wielding a sword; harmful to the self as well as others.


Balancing our emotions and being in control of our thoughts is hence the most efficient and safest route to create a life of Empowerment.


Confidence, Improved Relations, Financial Abundance, Vitality, Self-Expression and Physical Health are just some of the manifestations of this Empowerment.


Each Chakra is associated with different emotions, which in turn can also be seen as the categories of our Potentials or Motivations; hence even as the categories of our thoughts. These categories are as follows;


Integral Chakra Psychology is an attempt to study thoughts through these behaviour categories, their inter-connections as well as the various factors that suppress or activate them.




Integral Chakra Psychology

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