Yogendra Laya – Absorption

Yogendra Laya – Absorption

Unique techniques–pioneered at The Yoga Institute.

From Buddha to Patanjali till modern times the value of synchronization of breathing with thinking has been known. It is found that the act of respiration and the act of thinking have close connections. Breathing becomes arrhythmic and rapid when one is angry but is slow when deeply absorbed in some thinking. Thinking can also be affected by controlling breathing with counts. Rhythm in life is maintained by synchronizing each moment with a higher purpose.

Thus by good synchronization, one can gain deep relaxation.

The word laya stands for absorption. Yogendra Laya is an advanced technique. One of the few psycho-physical processes pioneered by the Founder Shri Yogendraji, at The Yoga Institute.

Meditation camp

               Meditative posture-Sukhasana


  1. Take any meditative posture as per individual comfort. Keep the eyes closed.
  2.  Emphasis should be on comfort rather than posture, to minimise distractions.
  3.  Keep the mouth closed (without clenching the jaws); the tongue touching the palate.
  4.  Practice Conditioning for at least 10 minutes.

The practice of relaxation technique:

  1. Observe normal breathing.
  2.  Do not make any effort to control it or to breathe deeply. Breathe in a slow and relaxed manner.
  3.  Observe the air entering the nostrils and going out. The mind remains fixed in an activity there – cold air entering, warm air leaving.
  4.  Gradually sense the friction of air as it passes through the nostril.
  5.  As the practice continues (~15 minutes) one may lose awareness of breathing and feel completely blank. The feeling of relaxation dawns slowly leading to a pleasant sensation. One becomes aloof from the body and expands, like air, migrating from the micro to macro. In sync with the expanse of the Universe – absorbed in it-beyond self.
  6.  Cultivates a sense of passive awareness.

Recommended practice: Practice as convenient, for 15 minutes.

Limitations/Contraindications: Severe depression.

Benefits of Yogendra laya technique:

  1. Aids relaxation – physical and mental.
  2. Arrests the activity of the mind.
  3. Releases anxiety and tensions.
  4. Excellent form of meditation.
  5. Strengthens objectivity.

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