reduce divorce rates

Yogic Principles Reduces Divorce Rates

Marriages are made in heaven and broken on earth!

True to this saying, today most people are struggling with marriages and relationships. In India nearly 1.37 million people are divorced. An alarming figure by itself, divorce is an extremely traumatic experience for people today.

While the physical traumas affect the body made-man divorce causes psychological trauma that affect brain and mind. Separation/Divorce is a comparable traumatic experience, akin to violent crimes, natural disasters, illness or the unnatural death of a loved one.

Divorce as a whole disturbs and threatens well-being of an individual.

The way to holistic wellbeing is the harmony between mind, body and soul through Yoga. Let’s explore yoga as an option of how it can help.

Preventive in nature yoga can help. The very first Yama (Restraints-Don’ts), Niyama (Rules-Dos), Asana (postures), Pranayama (regulation of breath), Pratyahara (withdrawal of the senses), Dharana (concentration), Dhyana (meditation) and Samadhi (complete integration).  All aspects polish our personality and bring to light one’s true harmonious nature. Yoga is all about being your best self. It is only after knowing yourself well enough you take the decision to share the journey of marriage with someone.

It is a disciplined approach to leading a fulfilling and happy life. Most of us are unhappy due to expectations about marriage or from our partners. We grew up with avidaya or the wrong knowledge that when we grow up and get married everything turns out to be fine. Life happens to everybody irrespective of who or what we are.

Yoga works on all the three levels of our body, mind and soul. It connects you with the best version of yourself. It instills 5 bhavas of confidence, self-reliance, achievement, sense of duty to be the unique person that you are.

It is the best soft-power you can invest in. And its keyword is union. Yoga is a union with yourself, and marriage is also all about union. Shiv-Shakti is often depicting the relationship lesson we should be taking note.

The first International Day of Yoga was perceived around the world on 21 June 2015. The Ministry of AYUSH organised the programme on a massive scale in India. Thousands of people, including Prime Minister of India – Narendra Modiji and dignitaries from 84 nations, performed 21 asanas (yoga postures) for 35 minutes at Rajpath in New Delhi. If 84 countries can be united through yoga, it can work for marriages too. Yoga can certainly play its part to unite two individuals in the sacred bond of marriage and keep them going.

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