Yogic ways to uplift your bad mood


We’ve all had moments when nothing goes right and life seems to be falling apart. And what makes it even worse? Over-thinking! We don’t realize that time heals everything and in years to come these bad moments won’t even matter as much as they do at present. However, there are days when one can’t help but be overpowered by these thoughts. Similar to how one rotten fruit can ruin an entire basket, one bad moment ends up ruining the entire day!

In times we are living, stress has made us so vulnerable and impulsive that we end up being triggered by anything that goes against our will or how we had planned it. We get angry, we let it affect our mood and the whole thing spreads like wildfire! So much that it starts reflecting in our behavior towards others and sometimes we also end up hurting them. Hence, before we end up losing those who matter to us, let’s nip the problem in the bud with the power of traditional Yoga.

There are quite a few ways in which you can uplift the bad mood. Some positive shifts in habits and routine and a little bit of effort from your side and you’ll begin to get a better grip over life. The easiest way to do it is by being in Nature, as it has the power to transform your mind, and also by practicing Pranayama to instantly cool down.

Patanjali Yoga Sutra has beautifully explained how we must bring about a transformation in the mind with this one simple Sutra.

Maitri – Karuna – Mudita – Upeksanam – Sukha – Dukha – Punya – Apunya – Visayanam – Bhavanatah – Chitta – Prasadanam (1.33)

In a nutshell, the sutra means that when we have a positive attitude towards people, and when we are affected only by their virtues, it takes our mind towards peace and calmness. According to the sutra, here are four simple ways in which you can uplift your mood:

1. Celebrate happiness: Envy is a toxic emotion. Instead of getting jealous of someone’s happiness, try to be a part of the celebration, even if that person’s happiness was at the cost of yours. Don’t try to negate other people’s happiness with a hostile attitude or unkind words as this will only bring you pain and sadness. Hence, try to be happy for others, for the same happiness to come your way.

2. Compassion for misery: If someone is going through a rough patch, be compassionate towards them. Try to be selfless, and see how instantly it uplifts your mood! Don’t overlook or enjoy someone else’s pain and misery. Instead, help them, be there for them, and make their troubles go away, even if the person on the suffering end is your enemy. Compassion towards others is an instant ‘feel-good’ mantra!

3. Promote the virtues:‘Spread love, less hate.’ Similarly, let’s spread more goodness in this world. Instead of criticizing people for their goodness, try spreading it to the world. Even in your bad mood, try to find the goodness in others and share it with everyone. Send so much goodness and love into the world, that it comes back to you in multitudes!

4. Indifference towards the vice:The world is full of wicked & materialistic people. People who would do anything for ‘Money, Power, Success.’! But that doesn’t mean there is no good left in the world. The choice is yours that you either be indifferent towards their vices or be optimistic and show them your good side. As a Yoga practitioner, you shouldn’t hate someone for their vices but rather guide them towards positivity.

Be like Gandhi! When someone is bad to you, you don’t need to reciprocate in the same manner. Instead, show him love, compassion, understanding, and take away something good from him. Even if that means you would have to dig a little deeper to find the goodness. Everyone has some positive aspects in them and all you need to do is find it.

Always remember, it’s just a bad moment and not a bad life. Don’t let a situation affect your mental well-being and don’t do any activity that has the power to make you feel weak. Only you can snap out of it these moments, and you must do it as quickly as possible for your holistic well-being.

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