Youth common problems and holistic solutions through Yoga

Youth common problems and holistic solution through Yoga

Youth is the strength of every nation or country.  Today India has 40 percent of the young population under the age 35.  One million individuals turn 18 every month. India is all poised to take on the world where youth are working hard, and shaping the world’s largest democracy!

Youth are trying, working, inventing and discovering many new opportunities but another side of the same coin is their struggles, trials and problems.  General youth common problems and holistic solutions through Yoga that can help shape a better tomorrow.

Common problems (P)  and simple solutions (S) of youth today-

P:   Ragging and bullying at educational institutes

Education, schools and colleges are an integral part of every young individual’s life. The entry into new school or college can be daunting especially fears of getting bullied by seniors are a nightmarish reality for kids as well as their parents.

S: A philosophy based science that deals with the mind, body and spirit level. It encourages correct values by following Yamas and Niyamas. Yoga teaches self-restraint and how to build healthy relations. It teaches focus which is the main aim to study at schools and colleges.

P:   Branded Materialism

Imagine branded clothes and latest iPhones are status symbols of today’s youth. Youth are slowly losing touch with their inner consciousness but very conscious about lifestyle choices.

S: Yoga teaches self-reliance and not depend on brands goods to feel good. Too much use of branded goods shows low self-esteem. The focus should be on health and living and not how expensive clothes or goods you are carrying.

P:    Peer Pressure for substance/alcohol abuse

There are a lot of young individuals who have impressionable minds. They are easily influenced and often fall prey to peer pressure and indulge into dangerous habits like drug addiction, alcohol abuse and life-threatening games like Blue Whale. Teens and youth who fail to have a safe and secure life at home enter into such practices. Also, societal apathy and peer pressure often cause depression and anxiety which are leading causes of addiction and suicide in teenagers.

S: Yoga is a holistic science that is preventive in nature. It has been proven through various researches that yoga helps reduce stress and techniques like Shavasana, guided meditation will rejuvenate the senses. If you find you are in such company alert the parents and change your friend circle. Life is precious.

Celebrate Youth Day with Good Health say Goodbye to Obesity

P:    Obesity and unhealthy food choices

Today’s youth especially living in the cities and urban areas invariably have both parents who are working. So lifestyle and food choices are becoming unhealthy. This results in overuse of packaged foods, fast foods and lack of exercise. On a daily basis eating meals while watching TV is very common these days. This ultimately leads to obesity and brings with it host of diseases like Diabetes I & II; thyroid problems, PMS disorders and PCOS are becoming common issues with young girls.

S: Today healthy snack options are also available in the market. Buy baked snacks rather than fried foods. Opt more for whole grains, organic fresh foods, seasonal vegetables and greens. Sattvic Diet explained by Yogis is encouraged in yoga. A balanced diet is a strong foundation required for health on all levels. Thus yoga provides the necessary solutions for all the problems and way of living life correctly.

Yoga infuses the required energy and stability through various yoga asanas practice. Youth can get active by taking care of their AVAV needs in life

A= Ahar Eat balanced Sattvic diet

V= Vihar Opt for sports of your choice swimming, yoga asanas, running etc

A= Achar Conduct your self wisely have empathy for others

V= Vichar As the thought so the man! Healthy positive thoughts have a good impact on overall health.

P:    Lack of Sex Education

There is dire need of sex education for the youth, especially in India. The basic aim is to educate school going children and youth about their physical changes, signs of sexual abuse, prevention of AIDs and STDs and unwanted pregnancies. It is essential that youth are aware of topics and act responsibly. Thereby they are in a better position to understand their body needs and live in perfect harmony with their soul.

S: Schools and Colleges should have independent sexologists who are qualified and experienced enough to safely and ethically explain each gender separately. Independent guidance and counselling should be given as and when required to the learners on campus. Knowledge is important. Yoga improves body needs and awareness. It also imparts the discipline of self-control.

Yoga is a holistic science that is preventive in nature. It has been proven through various researches that yoga helps reduce stress and techniques like Shavasana, guided meditation will rejuvenate the senses. Yoga is important since youth is a time of growth and yoga is a very useful practice that ensures a smooth transition into adult phase.

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                                                     Exercise Daily for good health

P: Lack of Time Management

Coping with the various needs, demands and expectations of their parents and society, like scoring good marks in college examinations, employment issues, balancing a social life and so on many demands made in 24 hours every day. It is tough for youngsters and proper time management is very essential.

S: A disciplined way of living –Yoga teaches to value your time and how to manage time efficiently.

Thus, Youth common problems and holistic solutions through Yoga are possible. Yoga has much more to offer. Celebrate this National Youth Day (Swami Vivekananda Birthday) with the goodness of healing Yoga. Join us at The Yoga Institute and celebrate in style. Click here to check out our latest offerings.

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