Independence Day Celebrations

Independence Day Celebrations
Today, 15th August 2017, is India’s 71st Independence Day. India was under British rule for almost two hundred years. A time to remember and express our gratitude to the freedom-fighters and the generations gone-by. They strove hard for the freedom of this country, through intense struggles and by sacrificing thousands of lives. Strong feelings or Bhavas of patriotism towards the mother land united the people of this country.
This Independence Day, venture to celebrate the spirit of freedom in a more meaningful and enlightening way with correct bhavas. India as a nation has been doing well. It is heading in the right direction where spiritual growth has resurfaced in a big way. Yes, Ancient India’s gift of Yoga to the world is now at the center stage. The whole world is looking towards India for answers.
Yoga is a spiritual practice that widens our perceptions. It helps to dissolve the self-imposed cultural boundaries that are narrowing and limiting our belief systems in the world. Yoga is a holistic approach that helps us in being more accommodative, and we begin to look outside of ourselves with awareness. We start to approach things in a more balanced way.
When the mind is calm and balanced, the connectivity ‘to self, to others, then to the nation and then to the world‘ is better. Correct values and connection to all living beings on this planet matter the most. With connectivity comes in awareness, humility and “I” sense or ego diminish thereby the gamut of humanity is conserved. Thus imbibe the bhavas of Dharma and Vairagya
Absorbing the core value of gratitude we become better-adjusted humans. We become more accepting of the greater good at large and learn to let go of small selfish pursuits.  Learn to participate in selfless service (Karma Yoga) and give back to the nation and the world. Thus the yogic way of living cultivates connectivity, freedom from bias and a life dedicated to service of those who are less fortunate.
India is paving the way by restoring democratic values, shaping up better relations with the friendly nation and revitalising the economy by laying the foundation of a stronger nation anchored in the core human values and freedom.

Remembering and Saluting the “Father of the Nation”- A karma yogi, a scholar and  a light of divinity.

Let us all strive towards working on our Kleshas and free our mind from bias, violence, untruthfulness and greediness. Let us realize our Dharma, Jnana and Vairagya Bhavas to experience liberation and peace within.
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