Mahavir Jayanti Wishes to Everyone

A saviour, greatest prophet, social reformer, a saint, and God on earth- different ways to describe a divine spirit –Lord Mahavir

A divine spirit was born on this auspicious day. Legend has it that birth of Lord Mahavir was foretold. King Siddhartha was his father and queen Trisala his mother. It is said that when Lord Mahavira was in the womb; the expectant mother had 14 different dreams. These dreams were interpreted by astrologers and mystics who claimed that the child will either be a great emperor or Teerthankara.

We all know, he was a great king who renounced all the worldly pleasures and became a Teerthankara at the age of 30. He founded Jainism. He was a propagator of peace and a social reformer. He simplified the religion-Jainism and developed 5 fold paths to achieve salvation.

  1. Satya – Truthfulness
  2. Ahimsa – Non-violence
  3. Asteya – Non-stealing
  4. Brahmacharya – Chastity
  5. Aparigraha – Non-possessiveness.

Sage Patanjali enumerates these as the first step to be followed on the eight fold path of Asthanga yoga. Rigveda and close to a hundred ancient Indian scriptures discuss these Yamas.

Some of the famous shrines dedicated to Lord Mahavir, where main celebrations are held annually-

  • Gujarat-Palitana
  • Rajasthan-Shri Mahavirji
  • Bihar-Pawapuri
  • Kolkata-Parasnath Temple

Jains across the globe celebrate this auspicious day and follow his teachings till date to live in peace and harmony. It is a day to revisit the holy teachings and principles to lead a more meaningful and peaceful life.

The Yoga Institute wishes everyone on the eve of Mahavir Jayanti

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