Top 10 Asanas

Top 10 Asanas for Beginners

Top 10 Asanas for Beginners

Being a beginner in yoga there will be many first and apprehensions. It isn’t easy every pose is a challenge. It is more of mind over matter. The trick is to move through a progression of asana as per your capacity. Warm-ups and stretches of joints should be done systematically. You can also opt for Surya Namaskar since all muscles in of body are engaged. Working your way thought forward bending asana, backward bending asana and twisting and attempting to focus on breathing the right way is not easy at the start.

Let’s face it no one expects you to be asana master on the first day itself. Also, learn yoga from an experienced and qualified teacher after consulting your physician. If you have chronic illness or conditions, inform your teacher before you start.

The Yoga Institute yoga is known as householder yoga mean everyone can do it. Shri Yogendraji modified the asanas to benefit the masses. Do as per your individual capacity. Yoga asana is not competition. Learn to listen to your body and don’t push boundaries unnecessarily. Benefits of the yoga asana practice are limitless and will unfold progressively. Only focus on practice and don’t give up when you cannot touch your toes or twist your body in the first go. Understand that every person body is different and unique. The strength, endurance and flexibility of each person is different. Initially focus on breathing and asana movement as you go along.

Very basic Top 10 Asanas for beginners to help you get started-


This asana is palm tree inspired asana. Improve postural defects due to the sedentary lifestyle.  Engages all the muscles of the body and gives all-round stretch to all the major muscles of the body.


This pose teaches to be strong, majestic and steady like a mountain. The major groups of muscles are exercised. Also improves focus and concentration. It is a good starting position for all many other asanas. Breathe easy.


Abdominal and core muscles are tightened and strengthens upper back. Generally leaves the practitioner with a sense of steadiness. Lie on your back with your feet together and hands on your side. Inhale and while exhaling gently lift your chest and feet off the ground both at 30 degrees. You will feel some tension in abdominal muscles and navel as they begin to contract. Exhaling comes back to the ground and then relax.





Cobra Pose will keep you alert and strengthen the lower back muscles. Opens up the upper chest region and promotes better inhalation. Backward bending asana improves flexibility and benefits the lower back.


Sit on the floor, on a mat, legs fully stretched out, without taking any support. Keep mind relaxed and passively aware. Bend the left leg inwards, the knee touching the floor and sit on the left foot with the heel under the anus. Now fold the right leg, perpendicular to the floor, and place the right foot on the ground, close to the genitals. Place the hands on the respective knees. Keep the body straight, spine erect, abdomen maintained in standard contour and head perfectly poised. Keep the chin drawn in – parallel to the ground, and facial muscles relaxed. Close the eyes and passively observe the breath (final position). The mind may wander to other thoughts but gently bring it back to breathe.



Paschimottanasana The Posterior Stretch

Sit on a mat with legs fully stretched and toes facing upwards. Raise both the arms beside the chest, folded at the elbows, parallel to the ground, palms facing down. Now lean back and pull the trunk, in 3 seconds, while inhaling. Immediately, exhaling smoothly in 3 seconds, bend forward and simultaneously stretch the hands to cross the toes while drawing in the abdomen. Immediately, come back to the position explained in step1, in 3 seconds, while inhaling.


Lie on the stomach (prone position), with chin resting on the mat, legs stretched full length–toes pointing outwards. Exhaling, in 3 seconds, raise both legs (kept straight) as high as possible without lifting the hips. Maintain this pose for 6 seconds, suspending the breath (final position). Inhaling, in 3 seconds, gently bring the raised legs down.


With the aid of the hands slowly lift the left leg and raise it up until it reaches the thigh of the right leg. Maintain balance and adjust the left leg by pressing its heel tightly against the opposite groin; the sole of the left foot against the opposite thigh, toes pointing down. After the balance is achieved, join both the palms in front of the chest in a prayer pose. Breathe normally, gaze fixed straight ahead on a point and maintain the posture for a few seconds. Bring the left leg down gently, with the help of the hands and repeat the above steps with the right leg.


A comfortable asana and very basic for simple pranayama and meditation techniques. It helps the practitioner to centring effect. Sit comfortably on your yoga mat and cross the legs. Keep the spine straight. Place your hands on your thighs. Hands can be in Jnana mudra or Chin mudra. Relax your body and focus on the breathe gently.


Corpse pose watch the video for details

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