Yoga for health Enthusiast

Yoga for health enthusiasts

Yoga for health enthusiasts

Having an intense fitness routine is quite in vogue in today’s society.  Slow Down Health Fanatics. Instagram is the new self-proclaimed fitness platform. But, check your facts first. Social media use is good but do not overuse.

Yoga is a way of life. Four fundamentals taught at The Yoga Institute take care of maintaining holistic health. It includes-

Ahar (Diet) –


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You are what you eat. So this Diwali season eat sattvic foods with mindfulness as much possible. Enjoy all the sweets but within limits. Do not overeat or gorge on foods you love exercise control. Strictly eat only when hungry.

Vihar (Recreation) –


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Best way of recreation is by being caring, loving and cordial at all times in every situation. Put aside the social media fascination of taking perfect pics and selfies on your mobiles. Have fun instead. Recreation with friends and family is the ideal way to celebrate Diwali. Share good jokes and have a hearty laugh. Do not give up joy in your life for others. Stop suffering in life because of others.

Achar (Routines) –


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Festival season is our rest/recreation time but maintaining routines should be done persistently.  Do not forget the intake of sufficient water and fruits. Wash your mouth with water and gargle after eating sweets. Yoga asanas with mindfulness should be done meticulously. Pavanmukt asana comes in handy to help digest the food overload.

Vichar (Thinking) –

We can attempt to forgive our enemies within and outside this Diwali. Always try to be positive or neutral in that order – Pratipaksha Bhava helps.

Absorb these four fundamental pillars (AVAV) both on and off Yoga mat to experience yoga as a way of healthy living.

Yoga benefits all three the mind, body and spirit. So infuse in AVAV the quintessential means required for good health and balanced life.

Oldest Organised Yoga School in the world – The Yoga Institute has embodied Yoga way of living for the householders and How to maintain good health. Come let’s go back to the roots of Ashtanga Yoga and rediscover the wholesome form of healthy living.

Split your holiday time between enjoying and working out this festive season. These are real gifts needed for your family this festive season- practice and succeed at the real yoga. Adopt a healthy lifestyle for holistic health rather than the organ-specific reduction of fat or inches.

All you  health enthusiasts-Check out our yoga stress management camp Click here. Have a safe and happy Diwali !


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