Yoga & Sattvik Meal for Menstruation


That week of the month when everything from mood, behavior to emotions swing unpredictably for a woman – a natural phase commonly known as PMS-ing is a serious concern for many. However, period symptoms differ for each individual. The body suddenly loses control about what you want to eat and how you feel. Many also experience intense food cravings – like for chocolates, fried and salty snacks, all kinds of fatty carbohydrates and nerve stimulants, etc., which appear more tempting during that week and we bet a lot of you will agree!

So, how do you tackle this craving and cramps during menstruation? The answer is Yoga. It is indeed one of the best practices one can include in their lifestyle today to battle the monthly PMS-related woes. Here’s how you can go about it.


A Yoga-related routine you must follow when PMS-ing:

  • Do not SKIP breakfast and eat your meals on time. Moreover, chew your food well and eat only when hungry.

  • First three days of period or during period flow refrain from doing strenuous Yoga Asanas or exercises. Instead, you can go for walks in the morning or evening.

  • For those unbearable cramps, use a hot water bag to alleviate the pain.


Switch to a Sattvik diet during menstruation –

  • A purely vegetarian diet or Sattvik diet is the best form of meal to consume during menstruation. During your cycle, ensure your daily meals include more of seasonal fresh fruit, fresh green vegetables, organic whole grains, sprouts, dried nuts and seeds in moderation.

  • These food items raise Sattva levels which reduce cramps, irritability, boost the immune system and keep you calm, full of energy, and enthusiasm.

  • Other than menstruation, a Sattvik diet also helps keep weight in check. Make sure you consume more homemade meals which include Moong Dal Khichdi, Porridge, Vegetable Upma, Sweet Potato Khichdi, etc. Also, keep yourself hydrated with liquids such as- Drink Green Tea, Lemon Water, and Fresh Fruits-infused Water.


Yoga Asana & Pranayamas you must practice:

  • During the period flow or first three days avoid all strenuous Yoga Asanas.
  • Post the first three days, one can do simple stretches. Pratyahara techniques and Bhambri also help decrease symptoms.
  • You can do more of Pranayamas to reduce anxiety and nervousness.
  • Anulom-Vilom Pranayama or alternate breathing exercise helps to balance out the mind and thinking. It also reduces stress and anxiety levels.
  • Yogendra Pranayama I or Equal breathing clears the brain chatter and helps to relax.

How to calm the irritability & mood swings?

  • During the menstrual cycle, rest, relaxation and good sleep are very essential. You can practice the Shavasana or Deadman pose to calm your body completely.

  • For the mood swings, try to distract yourself with a hobby or a recreational activity.

  • Techniques such as Anitya Bhavana and Nishpanda Bhava also help alleviate stress and pain.

Listen to your body during the menstrual cycle. Be kind to yourselves but again, pampering & overindulging in junk foods, refined sugars, and packaged foods will only make your PMS symptoms worse. Hence, switch to Yoga and give your PMS-ing phase a happy upgrade.

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    I was a student of this institute a few years back, l happened to watch Hansa mam on utube so decided to become her shishya again

    • Nalanda Alluri
      Posted at 09:14h, 05 April Reply

      Thank you for the valuable information.
      Strenuous Yoga Asanas are asked to be avoided during first 3 days of periods. Can you kindly guide me we could practice pranayama during these three days.

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