Sukhasana pose

How to Meditate with Sukhasana

Facing stress, anxiety and tensions every day? Feeling tired and exhausted all the time? Are you seeking bliss? Looking to experience pure happiness?

If your answer is yes to all the above questions, then read on and learn to meditate with Sukhasana.

Sukhasana is suggested. In Sanskrit means “Sukh” word means “happiness,” “ease” or “bliss.” Its factual translation is “good space,” coming from the Sanskrit root words, su (good) and kha (space).

Sukhasana seems simple enough pose to assume. One might think all you have to do is sit cross-legged and it’s done. But this yoga asana has much more profound meaning. It creates a positive impact and meditative state that can transform the way you live.

Check the steps how to Meditate with Sukhasana:

A well-aligned body posture in Sukhasana can create a relaxed state that transforms the mind as well. The first challenge is to sit cross-legged. Sit up straight.  This helps and lifts the spine and opens up the chest region. Your body weight is evenly distributed over your sitting bones. Head, neck and spine are aligned in one straight line. Contrary to what one might think this takes core strength. Regular practice of this asana tones your torso muscles from the front, back and sides. All of these small adjustments of directing your spine and attention then gradually takes you to your breathe. So start to focus on your breath. This process takes you from the outward adjustments to the inner you.


Mind and breath are connected. Learn to be a passive observer of your breathing process. Do not exaggerate the breathing movements. Just observe. Slowly a rhythmic breathing is built, and you, relax. This takes repeated practice, and then you experience a mental calm.

Now before you head to your yoga mat and start few pointers:

  1. We have become habituated to sitting on chairs and are used to leaning back or sink through the middle of your body. This creates unnatural postural defect and weakens the abdominal and back muscles. For beginners just sitting on the floor can be challenging. Tight hips might pose some problems. So initially when you start you can elevate your pelvis and sit on folded blankets, this allows releasing and opening the hips gradually.
  2. Actively lift the rib cage and focus on the subtle stretch of the rib muscles. After this try to maintain the spine length after you lower the arms and rest them on the thighs.
  3. Try to adjust and balance the weight on the centre of your sitting bones. Position the pelvis region such that the sacrum moves in. The abdomen should lift inward and upward.
  4. Avoid tipping your pelvis towards the front with stomach falling forward.
  5. Slowly, you will start to notice that you are no longer your body but in fact, the body, breathe and mind combine into one unit. Your thinking slows down, and heart feels light, and you feel connected to the inner you.
  6. With enough asana practice, when you find steadiness in your body and ease rhythm in your breathing you are experiencing Sukhasana. You will be self-absorbed and then may perceive blissful joy.
  7. Although most commonly interpreted as “easy” or “comfortable” pose; initially it’s not that ease. But sincere efforts and enough practice will get you to an innately happy state and at ease. When you learn to perform the asana in this way you are capable of moving through life proficiently without stress, fatigue, pain, anxiety and panic or fear.

Now that knows how to Meditate with Sukhasana… Learning it sounds Tempting, isn’t it? So experience bliss and yoga with one of the oldest organised Yoga Institute’s in world.

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